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And just like that, I’m back at work…

My family came over on Friday night and off we headed to a local hotel (Avonbridge) for a birthday dinner for Louise. Great food, shockingly bad service. We didn’t even bother staying for dessert, instead grabbing some Equi’s on the way home (Equi’s is a local ice cream parlour who make THE most delicious double cream ice cream… if you are ever in the area give it a try).

Saturday and with Louise off out visiting babies, I did some work, caught up on some of the Glastonbury acts, did a little painting (still finishing off the hall, with everything taking at least one more coat than we thought), did a little shopping and generally pottered around, drinking far too many cups of coffee. An excellent Saturday.

I picked up the new White Stripes album and, partly through word of mouth, impulse bought Justice’s album Cross. Both are ace for entirely different reasons. The latter is.. ohhh probably called Electro-dance-pop or somesuch and is hugely catchy, the former a return to form for Meg and Jack White (a recent article in one of the Sunday papers hinted at such). I’ve still to listen, in any depth, to Alison Krausse and Calvin Harris.

I also installed the Firebug extension for Firefox without which I wouldn’t have been able to finish www.bobzyeruncle.com for.. eh… Bob. But I did, and I’m glad that he likes it.

Sunday and my original plans of lazing about doing feck all were altered slightly and I spent most of my day, either precariously balanced on a slightly wobbly set of ladders, my head about 13ft from the stairs on which they were perched, or walking out along a plank of wood perched between the top stair and a rung on said wobbly set of ladders, whilst painting a stairwell ceiling and walls. I’m not a big fan of heights (or more accurately, not a big fan of possibly falling from said height) so it was more than a little stressful. Being tall has downsides.

And the real kicker is that it wasn’t even our house! We were helping out my sister-in-law who has just had the inside of her entire house remodelled. Her living room is bigger, she’s had a downstairs loo installed (sorry “cloakroom”), the bathroom upstairs is now twice the size, new stairs, and every wall in the living room and stairwell was replastered. Needless to say there was a LOT of painting needing done and it’s times like these when family really count. We arrived about 10.30am, and by 6.30pm we’d completed the whole place, two coats on most walls, three on the ceilings.

We left completely and utterly knackered but with a healthy glow of satisfaction beaming from our faces… or perhaps that was just the fine spray of ‘amber dusk’ from the roller.

How was your weekend?


Difficult to describe this, and it affects Louise more than it affects me, but do you ever listen to some songs and just think… ohhh that’s raunchy…

Doesn’t have to be obvious, or overtly sexual in content, just something about it that makes you go… “Phwwwwoooaarrrr” ???

Or am I waffling again?

For the record: The White Stripes ‘Ball and Biscuit’ or PJ Harvey ‘This is Love’. The latter I can understand, the first one still has me baffled.

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