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Weeks and weeks of lies and devious activity are over! (well, for now).

My soul feels much cleaner now, and my poor simple brain is much happier as it’s not having to filter every single conversation for THINGS I MUSTN’T MENTION. Such is the burden of organising a surprise party, which is what my sister and I managed to do yesterday to help my Mum and Dad celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

It all started several weeks ago… a crafty plan was drawn up, invites were designed, with an accompanying set of instructions – DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE – Aunties were pressganged into action, helping bake cakes, and setting out a veritable feast of diabetic inducing deliciousness. Decorations were delivered elsewhere, requests for additional chairs were sent out by carrier pigeon and, whilst Jennie and I whisked my parents off for a nice lunch (both as part of the celebration, and to give the 30-odd people a chance to sneak into the back garden whilst we were gone) the Aunties and Uncles leapt into action, setting up chairs, laying out food, decorating the house and generally doing most of the hard work for us.

And my parents didn’t have a clue!

The rest of the day was a bit of blur, fizzy stuff was popped, wine was quaffed, tea and coffee runs were made and no matter how hard we all tried we just couldn’t eat all the cakes and nibbles that were laid out. Suffice to say the day was a huge success.

And I’m not organising another one for at least 10 years.


35 years ago my parents stood before friends and family and said “I do”.

35 years on and if you ask either one if they still love each other, they’ll say the same thing.

Now, apparently:

traditional 35th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Coral, whereas a contemporary or modern 35th anniversary gift has a theme of Jade. This Wedding Anniversary does not have any Flowers or Gemstones associated with it.
via anniversary.co.uk

So, the reason it’s been so quiet here is because I’ve had to nip off to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to get some coral…

Still, it’s a thought ain’t it. 35 years. I only lasted 20 or so at my parents house, not sure how they’ve put up with each other for that long… guess they must love each other or something… 😉

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August 31st
Yesterday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary (Iron or Candy). Congratulations to us!

Off to crawl back into bed. I knew we shouldn’t have opened that 5th bottle of wine…

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