Driving Development

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Recently Daniel Brolund posted an idea around something he termed User Guide Driven Development, it’s an interesting read and, you know what, he’s almost right. Almost. First up you should note that Daniel works for the company that created the application he name drops in his post, Bumblebee. However his approach did ring a few…

Thanks for complaining

Reading time: 2 mins

Ever get the feeling that no-one reads your documentation? It’s a frequent issue amongst Technical Writers and the general stance reflects the approach many take to make sure that, when someone finally picks up the documentation, they can get to the information they need as quickly as possible. Given that, there is little worse than…


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We have two digital handsets at home. They are made (as says the sticker on the box) by Ascom. Ascom’s website is here: www.ascom.com. Their support website for handsets (terminals), taken from the handset User Guide, is here: www.ascom.com/terminals.