Dear Comment Spammer

Reading time: < 1 min To the lovely people who have left some comments on my blog recently, and who may be wondering why they haven’t appeared. It’s because you have a URL that takes me to a completely unrelated product website. That and it’s obvious that you’ve not fully read the blog post in question. I realise you are, […]

On blog comments

Reading time: < 1 min I always get excited when I see an email in my inbox with a subject line that starts “WordPress:…” as it means someone has commented on one of my blogs. Such a simple delight I know but hey, you take pleasure in the little things I guess. Sometimes that delight is instantly crushed when I […]


Reading time: < 1 min Ahh the internet is full of simple pleasures, like Wordle. Give it the URL of your blog, a chunk of text, or your username and you get something like this (click for fullsize, requires Java):

Redirecting Question

Reading time: < 1 min Note: This is a techie question, all those not interested, look away now. (and no, I’m not doing very well at the whole ‘staying away from the blog to be productive thing…) [update]SORTED!!! That nice man wot writes Hydragenic came through for me (apparently he would ‘not be defeated’, he cracked it second time round). […]

Spot the difference

Reading time: < 1 min I’ve changed the name of this blog, well the banner image, from Informationally Overloaded to One Man Blogs. As no-one has mentioned this I presume no-one has noticed but there was some thinking behind this (and hey, you know me well enough by now that I have to analyse it a little, right?). 1. I […]

Web apps are not products

Reading time: 2 mins Matt Haughey is, amongst bloggers, pretty well known and respected. He recently wrote up his thoughts on weblog applications and, as they mirror some of my thinking, I thought I’d expand on this theme here. The title of the post, Bottom line, all weblog apps suck in some way, was borne of frustration and outlines […]