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Yes I know the war in Iraq has started.
No I don’t really want to talk about it on here. There are many thousands of other blogs that will/are doing that.

I will mention it in passing no doubt but I am steering clear. Mainly because I don’t know who to believe or trust, and ultimately innocent people WILL die and whilst that is the reality of war I’m just not sure WHY this war is happening. Do we believe ‘our’ (western) media? Do we believe reports coming from Baghdad?

So if you want non-media coverage and opinion of the war, may I suggest you visit these sites: Michele at ‘a small victory’ – offering an American anti-war/Bush viewpoint. Raed in Baghdad – who I hope survives the war. Of course if you are pro-war there are sites for you too but I really don’t want to waste my time (and opinion) finding them for you.

Update: Though pro-war, Carey is such a charming and wonderful personality that one would do well to at least acknowledge his existence.

Happy now my friend? 😉

And in other news…
Jez gets a ‘real’ domain for Jezblog.

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