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Off to see Troy.

Update: It’s very big. That horse. In fact the entire movie is very big, epic in fact. Think of Ben Hur. Then don’t try and compare Troy to it as it lacked the one thing Ben Hur had. A central character you believed in.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, and definitely on of those movies you really should see on a big screen. But the script is dodgy, the editing ropey, the direction so cliched it almost lapses into pastiche at times… the actors are all OK but no stand out performances, and they handle a varied script as well as can be expected.

I did enjoy it overall but it could’ve been much better, however I would probably recommend it – if you liked Gladiator, you’ll love Troy.

And yes, according to Louise, Brad is luscious.

(I’m not going to comment on an aspects of accuracy to the original story, suffice to say my understanding of the original isn’t as good as it should be, but is good enough to know that attempting to fit the scale and dimesions of Homer’s story into a two and a half hour movie would be beyond most directors)

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I can’t watch any more… 6-0…

Update: It’s all over. The gulf between the teams was sorely evident, but here’s hoping the future of Scottish football (McFadden, Fletcher, Wilkie…) will be a bit brighter.

Update 2: Bad luck to Wales as well – at least we can all now cheer on England….

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