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Apologies for not mentioning this yesterday but the whole ScottishBlogs/BritBlog thing got in the road a little (and will continue to do so for a wee while whilst we respond to all your questions).

The presentation went very well, thanks again to everyone who commented and made suggestions and, if she’s reading, thanks to Gillian and everyone at ULS for making me feel very relaxed and very welcomed.

To be honest the presentation was a bit of a blur, I know I missed some of the things I wanted to mention, and that I mentioned a few things I hadn’t planned on, but as I said before I was confident enough in my ability to waffle. In saying that, I did have a mild flutter when I realised that I was almost at the end of the presentation and I still had 15 minutes to fill. This was a bit perplexing as I’d done a couple of rehearsals and both times I’d taken just over 50 minutes but, as it turned out, I had no reason to worry as I finished almost dead on the alloted 45 minutes. Perfect judgement indeed, and not a hint of luck about it… honest.

The audience were very receptive which whilst understandable as they chose to be there was still encouraging. The Q&A session, held after a short lunch break, was fairly lively and engaging and I certainly learned a few things from it, but then it’s always interesting hearing other points of view (it’s one of the reasons I blog).

I also learned a new method for taking notes. Jennifer approached me afterwards to show me her unique way of creating both a set of notes, and a visual reminder of the presentation.


Excellent, isn’t it. Thanks for that Jennifer.

I’m also happy to report that everything I read or was told about presenting in public came true; nerves disappeared after the first few minutes, if you are knowledgeable about the material you are presenting you’ll NEVER be stuck for something to say, pausing every now and then helps “punctuate” things, and if you want people to raise their hands in response to a question raise your own first.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday, and I hope the people who attended learned a bit more about blogging and took away some ideas of their own. Would I do it again? Yes, I most certainly would.

Blogging Work

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March already, doesn’t time fly.

Actually that’s a bit of a worry as March is going to be a VERY busy month for me, and I’d much rather that time helped out as much as possible by slowing itself to a crawl. I’ve already mentioned most of the things I’ll be working on in March although two of those projects are, at this moment, shrouded in mystery. One of the projects will remain that way, but the other will be given a little more depth on Friday, so do drop by as it may interest you.

Site News
Apparently the ISP that hosts this site, and many others, had a few problems yesterday. So don’t worry, you didn’t break my bit of the internet (and thankfully neither had I). Annoying as these things are I have to admit that I can’t really get worked up about it. C’est la vie.

Real Life News
Man at top of stairs in train station is still there, shouting a lot. I’m getting very close to asking him if it mightn’t be a better idea for him to sling a ticket machine over his shoulder and help DECREASE the queues he’s apparently so worried about, than to be standing shouting out the feckin’ obvious at several hundred decibels as I walk past every morning.

Either that or I may “introduce” him to a ticket machine. Forcibly and sideways.

ULS Seminar
Tomorrow at 11.30am I’ll be standing in front of a room full of strangers trying to explain what blogging is, and I’d like to thank (again) everyone who took the time to offer me some feedback. I’m confident in my ability to waffle and now even more confident that I have an excellent set of slides to back me up.

What I DO need to figure out is what to post tomorrow as it’s likely I’ll pull my site up as an example. Do I go high-brow and ponder something deep and meaningful – what IS the best way to get that last scraping out of the bottom of a jar of Nutella – or stick with something more traditional – kitten photo anyone?

Suggestions welcomed.

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