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I ache. As usual I did too much in the gym on Wednesday, so my shoulders and arms are stiff and sore. The pain in my legs is nothing new and I’m used to it. We play football every Thursday (should I say soccer? Hell no!) and every Friday I’m stiff – is regular exercise not supposed to improve this? Mind you the game of netball on Tuesday should prove fun…

Looks like I’ll soon have SurfTime (Evenings and Weekends) setup – for those outside the UK, it is an unmetered service offered by BT and chosen ISPs. Unfortunately everytime an ISP launches an affordable 24/7 unmetered package the end up pulling it, or poorly implementing it because “some people abuse it, staying online for 16 hours at a time…”. I kinda thought that was the whole point… so I could have my PC online all the time and harness the power of the Internet. Have news delivered instantly, have my fridge order milk when I run out, etc etc. Or at the very least allow me to melt my retinas playing Half-Life! 😉

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Survived footie. Night out (company thing) in Stirling, should be fun, haven’t been drunk for ages!

I’ve downloaded NextStart in another step to finding a system I can use – very customisable, skinnable etc etc. Might even lead to me rekindle my interest in design software skins, but not until I’ve finished the website re-design…

The internet fiasco in the UK continues, my unmetered 24/7 access ends soon (end of month), and I’ll probably switch to BT’s evening and weekend deal. I’ve hunted about, but looks like I’m going to have to rely on the regulatory body to do SomeTHiNG!

Hewlett Packards current adverts over here make me laugh – a newspaper straight to your PC, presuming you can afford to have a permanent connection of course. Maybe the governments 1billion initiative will make a difference, just like their actions over the petrol dispute did…. hmmmm.

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“That is not the way to make policy in Britain and as far as I am concerned it never will be.” – Tony Blair.

Totally agree Tony. Well said. We can’t have a government that is dictated to, that’s the entire point in voting, elections and the democratic process.

Slight problem though, aren’t the people we voted for supposed to act on our behalf? Aren’t they supposed to listen to what we say, take it on board and at least consider it? Mr.Blair’s reaction seems rather childish. He is already lifting what is a simple campaign, based around one simple idea (we pay too much for our petrol) into the political arena, and trying to stamp his authority on the matter. Aside from that small matter of not being able to take someone… who uses pauses…. far too much…. when speaking to…. the public, seriously, I think this is another example of the basic flaw that every politician develops.

We think we are paying too much for our petrol. The government says, we’ll sorry…tough. So we ask again and start a small scale campaign (the ‘don’t buy on the 1st of the month’ one). Response from the government, yes we do hear you, but we can’t do anything. We start a blockade. The government gets twitchy and starts getting authoritative.

So, we ask, and ask, then act. The government politely declines us twice, then clamps down (to stop the matter getting out of hand, no doubt). What is stopping them acting? What are they afraid of?

They have just launched a £1billion initiative to get more of the UK online. What the hell are they spending it on? The last published figures, from the government, stated that around 60% of households in the UK are online, with over 85% owning and using a computer. Schools all have computers (usually shiny new iMacs that no-one uses, the staff not having received any training).

We work longer hours than every country in Europe, pay more tax, and earn less. So, the government receives, per head, more money from us than any other company. We have less in our pockets, so obviously we shouldn’t mind paying high prices for just about everything.

What is the government afraid of? They are afraid that if they act over the current petrol dispute, they will very soon be put under pressure to lower prices, tax etc on many, many other things.

We need a strong government. I don’t doubt that. I am fully aware that there is no quick fix. Mr.Blair and the Labour party need to learn one thing very quickly. What they are doing right now is not being strong. They have been pushed into a corner, and want to come out fighting. This is not a display of strength, this is a display of petty schoolboy (public schoolboy?) arrogance. I’m all for keeping integrity, and stay focussed to reach goals that will benefit everyone. The hardest part of keeping your integrity is learning when to give it up.


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I enjoy working with computers. It may be sad, but it is true. I will quite happily sit for hours on end, tweaking a database design, updating a website, designing a skin etc etc. I don’t play games on it much. Recently though, it’s been taking over a bit. I’ve been spending more and more time on it, neglecting the important things.

At the moment I have this website, Instant Ideas (a resource for hospital radio in the UK), and the Hospital Radio Lennox website which needs drastically updated. We have a couple of databases for our CD’s and video’s and I’m planning one for MiniDisc as well. I am in the midst of creating skins for WinAmp and WindowBlinds to match the various default colour schemes that are supplied with geOShell (my latest find), and I am coordinating the documentation team for geOShell. This is just in my spare time…

Now, the database stuff isn’t a priority, neither are the skins, the website stuff needs doing once every week or so, and the documentation shouldn’t take too long. In theory. However I still sit, night after night, bashing away at the keyboard.

So far, I’ve managed to keep most of my promises – the exercise and weight thing fluctuates, so it’s time for another one. I need to be more upbeat. More lively. Do more!

The Ta’i Chi class will help, and we are going to start exploring the local pubs. We are both afraid of turning into an ‘old married couple’. Some aspects of that are nice, but it doesn’t sit well with us.

So from here on out, updates to this site will be fewer, and long term it may disappear altogether – I no longer feel the need to rant, rave, and generally bore you all with the workings of my mind, and I no longer think it benefits me. I’m not sure though, we’ll see.

Upbeat will be the way, the attitude and the manner. Fingers crossed.

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