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Having cancelled our UGC/Cineworld monthly passes towards the end of last year, we’ve kind of fallen away from watching movies at all. However we are now getting to the point that the movies coming on TV (via Sky Movies) are ones that we missed at the cinema, starting with this one.

It’s the story of the final flight that was hijacked on September 11, 2001, the flight that didn’t hit the intended target. The passengers decided to fight back, and the plane crashed in a field. No-one survived.

Putting aside certain issues – at what point do movies like this cross the boundary from ‘faction’ into documentary – it’s a hugely engrossing and moving film. Shot in a very documentary like fashion, we see all sides of the story in real-time. The incredulity that quickly turns to a stunned fear on the part of the ‘officials’ involved at the FAA, and in the military, the spreading fear and anger that permeates the aircraft itself, and the determination and nervousness of the terrorists themselves.

Of course the movie is entirely made up of guesswork, most of which comes from the transcripts of calls made by people on the flight to their loved ones back home. However, by keeping the flight and it’s passengers central to the movie, you are never given any let up in the tension, and this leads to a hugely affecting movie. Despite knowing how it ends, I did begin to feel myself drawn in, to begin to hope that the passengers would be able to wrest control of the plane itself. The final moments are shattering.

This movie caused a lot of commotion when it was released, but I suggest it’s a movie that should have been made when it was, and one that should be watched.


New Year has long since passed but it’s only now that I’m going to start focussing on the year ahead. With being away in Spain earlier in the month, and our nephew turning 18 – celebratory dinner/pissup this weekend – we’ve not really been looking any further than the end of this month.

So what will 2005 hold? As ever the battle against the flab will be fought, although this year we are both determined in a way we’ve not been before. We both need to diet and both understand that you really need to have your head in the right place for a diet to work. Sure you can manage a week or three of controlled eating and exercise but all it takes is a minor event and you fall off the wagon (leaving a large dent in the road) and no matter how much you promise yourself you’ll “start again on Monday” you never do. I think, even though we’ve not really discussed it, we are both waiting until this weekend is over to start the diets – although I am tempted to dig out the elliptical trainer (yes yes, “my ellipses need trained” – it’s been done already!) on Wednesday so I can whir away the hours watching Man Utd vs Chelsea. We’ll see.

I guess I could claim to have initiated another aim – I setup my (musical) keyboard at the weekend. It’s been standing on it’s end for the last year, gathering dust and occasionally I was sure I could hear it whimpering (in Cminor). I’ve found a few sites where I can.. er.. acquire sheet music, and received a Jamie Cullum book for Christmas so.. really.. I’ve not got an excuse.

I also expect that I’ll discover even more new music this year and I’ll try and couple that with some more good books (note to self: get that list of ‘to be read’ done and get them stacked up!). We are also trying to get back into the ‘cinema’ habit as our UGC cards just ain’t paying for themselves at the moment.

There is more, of course, but I’ll keep that under my hat for the meantime (no I’m NOT trying to generate interest I just don’t wanna say here, m’kay?). So, roll on February 2005. I think I might just be ready for you.

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We’ve not been to the cinema in ages, and are planning on going tonight. Thing is the nearest UGC to us only offers a limited selection of movies so we usually end up not bothering at all rather than go to the huge one in Glasgow which is still showing some movies from a couple of months back.

The other problem we have is that I can be a tad contradictory when it comes to movie choices. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with ‘silly’ movies (Farrelly brothers output for example) other times they are exactly what I want to see. Sometimes I like a dark thriller, something slightly twisted, and other times I’ll prefer a romantic comedy. I’m never that sure of my mood. So, looking at the list of movies on offer this evening, I’m guessing we’ll plump for Shark Tale, although Alien vs Predator, Bad Santa, and Birth all intrigue me (each for different reasons of course).

Of course the final problem is the fact that it’s Monday night and I’m not sure I can bothered going out at all. Maybe I should get Louise to come into Glasgow, so we have a little more choice.

Anyway, can’t wait for The Incredibles to be released. That’s a DEFINITE trip to the cinema. I’m a sucker for Pixar.

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Done a little tidying up and updating behind the scenes. Add a little to the About page, the film reviews are now up-to-date (and I’ve discovered that paying £10 a month to UGC is actually costing me money so far as I’ve not seen the 24 or so movies I need to, only 6 short mind you…). Err… and some under the hood tweaks to code and stuff… that’s about it.

Tell me, does anyone visit the “Wordage” stuff anymore?

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This evening I would like to book four tickets for the Matrix: Revolutions. The four people who will be going all have UGC Unlimited tickets, these are the cards that give you access to movies throughout the year for just £9.99 a month. Excellent value if you are a frequent movie goer (or want to be).

However, to book tickets we have to phone a premium rate phone line (25p a minute) whereas “joe casual punter” gets a free phone number. We do not have the facility to book tickets online, “joe casual punter” does.

So it seems, in return for supporting UGC Cinemas for the year we get shafted when it comes to booking tickets. A minor inconvenience you may think, but of the 42 (or thereabouts) showings of Revolutions today, half are already sold out.

One stroppy phone call coming up!

Update: Seems that the “Unlimited Booking line” is currently shafted. 5 phone calls, three different people, one voicemail and one number which kept disconnecting itself and STILL NO TICKETS!!!!

Update 2: I’m drafting a letter to UGC. Will post it here too. Upshot is, we will head into Glasgow for about 6:30, and, in person, try and book tickets. If not for the Matrix, then Alien I guess.

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I have a dilemma. Do I watch Celtic in the UEFA Cup final, or do I go and see the Matrix?

I’m swaying towards the football as, with our UGC passes, I can see the Matrix as many times as I want in the coming weeks, and I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out, where as this is the first time in ages that a Scottish football team has managed anything of this magnitude.

So, c’moan the Bhoys! (I think that’s right…)

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Phone Booth tonight.
X-Men 2 on Thursday.
And hopefully we can still catch the Pianist as it’s still showing at the UGC in Glasgow… also fancy The 25th Hour (Edward Norton and Spike Lee, so you know it won’t be awful).

Yes we’ve got a lot of catching up to do film-wise and the UGC pass will be taking a battering in weeks to come.

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I’m a big fan of ‘word of mouth’ about a film. This will prove crucial this year as we have monthly passes to UGC, and, whilst I won’t mind going to see some of the Hollywood dross (like the Bond film), I am hoping that I WILL save money based on the films I would’ve paid to go and see… if you know what I mean (I hope you do, cos my head is frazzled).
So, after Chicago (or maybe the same day?) I’ll drag my significant other to see Spider (once I’ve convinced her that it’s not about our eight-legged friends). This is purely based on what Alex had to say, so he’d better be right!

(Have heard good things from other people as well, so it’s not all on him… honest)

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