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Porto won the UEFA Cup.
With more than a little help from the referee.

I’m a lot more pissed off than I expected about this, I wouldn’t have minded Celtic losing if they had lost fair and square, unfortunately they lost to a team of divers aided by some awful refereeing. Still, Celtic take a lot of credit for the way they played and hopefully they have restored some pride into Scottish football.

Matrix tomorrow night anyone?

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I have a dilemma. Do I watch Celtic in the UEFA Cup final, or do I go and see the Matrix?

I’m swaying towards the football as, with our UGC passes, I can see the Matrix as many times as I want in the coming weeks, and I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out, where as this is the first time in ages that a Scottish football team has managed anything of this magnitude.

So, c’moan the Bhoys! (I think that’s right…)

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Finally got to sleep at 2:30 a.m. So today I am ‘Grumpy Gordon’. Normally Grumpy Gordon only appears for half an hour or so first thing in the morning, but he seems to be hanging about today.

So I’m tired, de-motivated, but hey, we get cakes on a Friday so that fudge doughnut is sure to lighten my mood. (Yes that was sarcasm people, pay attention)

On top of all that the weekend looms. No plans as yet, which usual means we end up rushing about like eejits. Ohh one plan (and I don’t mean to sound uncharitable) is to avoid Children in Need. An excellent cause, awful TV. We have a simple formula. We watch the start of it, jot down the phone number, then chuck a film on or got out. Anything to stop watching a night of Terry Wogan. (Entertaining on the radio, strangely false on telly these days, in my opinion anyway, and as this is my little site that’s the one that counts!)

Actually I think I will just donate online and not even venture near BBC 1 tonight.

Ankle update: I can walk OK now, but have developed a slightly worrying, slightly sharp pain just below the ankle on the inside of my foot. There was a very small, intense bruise there for a couple of weeks (with the right hand side of my foot developing an almost full length purple tinge) so I’m slightly worried by it, but will give it the weekend to clear up.

Christ, I am one grumpy bastard. Might be a good day to capture some rants, anyway UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup draws soon. Which reminds me, I must take the oppor-chancity to say well done to Celtic for, now let me get the right phrase, stuffing Blackburn. 3-0 over two legs is pretty comprehensive I would say (and don’t anyone give me any crap about how Blackburn outplayed them in the first leg. They may well have, but they didn’t score, did they…)

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UEFA Champions League Final

Kicks off in Glasgow tonight, and the city is buzzing. George Square is packed with Spanish and German fans (check the two live webcams) and the atmosphere reminds me of a carnival. This is the side of a sporting event you don’t often get to witness, and I’m loving it. I might even venture back into the city to watch the game from the giant screen they will be erecting. Could be fun.

In reality I’ll be knackered after playing 5-a-side and will prefer to watch the game from the comfort of my own home, Glasgow in mid-May isn’t THAT warm you know…

I think I’ve started a meme! OK, not quite, but my snake story has prompted another revelation on prolific.org.

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