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Tuppence – this seems to be the theme of my week so far – started on Sunday whilst we were trying to figure out how much carpet we would need for our new living room:

“Right, if it’s 25 feet by 11 feet, and the carpet costs £6.99 a sq.metre, and it only comes in 10 feet widths, then… em … aargh!!”

This was followed by RuhBehKa’s post and one of those DIY shows on TV where the builders discussed:

“Well if it’s 6 inches deep and you’re covering 20 sq.metres, then you’ll need 3 tonnes of cement..”.

I’m 6’0 tall (around 1.86m I think) don’t have a clue what I weigh in kilos, and get thoroughly depressed at what I weigh in stones. 1972 was the year we went metric (year before I was born) yet I am one of the majority who work in this strange ‘imperiatric’ system. Oooh think I just invented a new word!

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Promises, promises.

Stagnant is probably the wrong word, but that’s what it feels like. Same old, same old. Get up, go to work, go home, have dinner, watch TV (or sit at the PC), go to bed.

Not been to T’ai Chi yet, nor found anywhere to play basketball. Have started playing 5-a-side weekly, but that’ll stop as I’ve got an inflamed tendon in my foot. My exercise cycle always seems to go like this. Starting exercising, get an injury, stop exercising.

We are both wanting to do more, time isn’t too much of a constraint, money is, but that’s nothing new. We need to break the routine. Do SomeTHiNG!

I wasn’t sure if I was slipping back down, going back to that horrible place that scares me so much. I think I am still adjusting to the move back north, to seeing family so often, and to being accessible for family occasions. It’s not always easy though. I think I’m fighting off a bug, which isn’t helping as all I seem to want to do is sleep. I feel lethargic a lot, is that lack of exercise, or my mind bogging me down.

I said, a while back, that I didn’t think this site would survive much longer. Right now, I think it will, mainly as a release. I hadn’t reckoned on the up and down so much. I just hope I don’t start taking Louise with me. The problem is coping. I can take-each-day-as-it-comes for only so long, eventually it grinds. Rage comes in, and starts motivating, but that’s the last stage, I’m not near that now, but it is coming, I can feel it. Anger, annoyance, and disgust. All aimed by me, at me. That’s what gets me most annoyed, should it be the way? Who knows? If you do please let me know.

Back to basics is the current thought in my mind. Get the basics sorted out. Create a more varied routine, vary that, and work from there. Eat properly, sleep properly, work properly. Then exercise, socialise and grow. Basic. Isn’t it funny how life doesn’t support that, how it keeps finding a way to drag you back, to complicate. Still, you get what you give, isn’t that right? You reap what you sow. Hindsight sucks.

Just spotted a basic flaw in my thinking, how can you create a varied routine?

Personal Musings

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what’s your pokename? (courtesy of memepool) It’s incredible, and insightful.

I DO live in Britain, I DO eat TV dinners, garbage and love Dr.Pepper.

In saying that I’ve never heard of Hot Death, and I’m sure shooting rocks sounds excruciatingly painful. Mind you, I’m sure being able to puke acid will be handy when negotiating my next wage rise!


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I normally miss them – TV moments… Judy Finnegan provided last nights eyeful. No more need be said methinks 😉

I’m lacking inspiration at the moment. Started playing about with a WinAmp skin, end result less than ordinary… same happened for NextStart and WindowBlinds. I’m now wondering about the new website design… *sighs*


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BAN FOXHUNTING!…but what about the dogs?

We were watching Crufts on TV the other night <insert sarcastic comment here – I can’t be bothered thinking of one>, and they did a report on the impact a foxhunting ban would have on the hounds. It was very interesting, and made me stop and think, which is always a good thing.

My view on foxhunting is pretty simple, it should be banned, it’s barbaric and no longer required as there are many more humane methods of keeping the fox population down. The main focus of the report was the impact an immediate ban would have on the packs of fox hounds that are kept and bred specifically for foxhunts. Figures varied but a rough estimate of around 20,000 pack hounds exist in Britain. So what would happen to these dogs if foxhunting was banned?

Pack hounds are bred and brought up in packs (kinda obvious ain’t it) and, as such, are unlike most dogs. They have no territory, their identity coming from the pack. These dogs would have a difficult time surviving without the pack, as they rely on the pack community and social interaction to develop. Their owners wouldn’t pay for their upkeep (most are homed in specialist kennels) as they wouldn’t be able to hunt with them.

So, ban foxhunting, and the problem shifts from the well-being of the foxes, to the well-being of the pack hounds, 20,000 of them. You can’t put that number of dogs to sleep (and it would contradict the animal rights activist main aims) – interesting dilemma isn’t it! They did talk briefly about drag hunting (where I think they use a stuffed toy, or something, and drag it round fields behind a horse or 4×4) but you must have the correct terrain and there are only a few drag hunting sites in Britain, no where near enough to keep 20,000 dogs busy.

The obvious answer – well obvious to me – is to stop breeding and developing pack hounds now. Eventually pack numbers will dwindle, foxhunting can stop, and both sides will have plenty of time to prepare and plan alternative methods of fox control, and the pack hound breeds can be developed for other purposes.

Obvious? I hope so, I’m sure it has many pitfalls. Getting two sides, so vehemently opposed, to agree being the main obstacle. The activists want foxhunting banned now, the huntsmen are concerned about the knock-on effects, and argue about their rights.

And for that reason alone, this type of argument will continue to rage – how do you argue against someone’s belief system and how they perceive their rights? Why can’t everyone see the ‘other’ side?

Anyway, I think MY plan will work. Or maybe I should stop thinking about it and do something.


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