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Stuck for words
Do you ever start writing something for your blog then stop and delete it, only to start again… repeating the process ad infinitum (or at least it feels that way).

Well, grab some inspiration from THE TOPICS BLOG.

If none of the topics suggested spark some creativity I’ll eat my hat!*

* Disclaimer: Figure of speech, not likely to happen.

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THE TOPICS BLOG – it’s bizarre, seeing that I am a posting member of this wonderful site (gotta keep Lauren and Erin happy), but I have days when I struggle to find inspiration. If you suffer the same ‘block’ now and again, I suggest you visit the Topics Blog, it’s very useful you know…

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At the beginning of something new, it’s very enlightening and reassuring when the first words you receive are “Fuck yeah!” (actually they are the fourth and fifth words but you get my point). I’ve just become a member of THE TOPICS BLOG. Simple idea (aren’t the best things always simple?) a frequently update ‘prompter’ service for people who struggle to blog. Every caught yourself logging into Blogger and then not really being sure what to say? Then, this site is for you.

BTW the first three words of the correspondence from Erin (one of the site founders) were “A boy blogger!”. So for once in my life I find myself surrounded by females. Virtual females, that I don’t know, but females nevertheless. Grasping at straws? Moi?

So look over to your right and click on the TOPICS BLOG Button. Go on, you know you want to.

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THE TOPICS BLOG – excellent, no longer need I bore you with details of my boring life, instead I can give you thoughtful insights into my character, and provide commentary on a wide scope of.. ohh crap, look it’s a good idea and yes you will see some of the questions here (presuming I remember to visit)

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