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Minority Report.

Further to my comments, Mr.Sippey has delved a bit further into some of the issues, and prompted an interesting discussion about all things in the ‘projected future’.

Single-Use Credit Card Numbers. Mentioned in today’s Lockergnome newsletter, these sound very clever and I’m not sure why they aren’t publicised more, probably a lot more work for the credit card companies (I mean they are busy enough already, do you know how much processing it takes to charge someone £25 for daring to venture 42p over their credit limit…?! Sorry different story). Hey Jennie, you reading this?

The Weblog Review. The more Gert mentions it, the better the idea sounds. She’s written two reviews so far, but there are many, many more. I’m toying with applying to be a reviewer, but not sure I have the dedication. I’m a sporadic contributor to the Topics Blog as it is, so I’m not sure how I’d manage a weekly review cycle.

Stolen from Caterina: “Go scribble on Eric’s Scribble Thing“, and I would suggest you do.


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Continuing a vague theme which spawned from a comment…

I am a contributor to the Topics Blog, and have been for a few months now (five I think). I just spotted some new names and to my horror I’ve just realised I’m one of the oldest people contributing. I’m holding onto the belief that I’m not THE oldest contributor, as a couple of people don’t mention their ages.

How am I gonna cope when I turn 29 in October?

(Was that subtle enough? Or should I have pointed you to my wishlist?)

Blogging Life

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THE TOPICS BLOG – it’s bizarre, seeing that I am a posting member of this wonderful site (gotta keep Lauren and Erin happy), but I have days when I struggle to find inspiration. If you suffer the same ‘block’ now and again, I suggest you visit the Topics Blog, it’s very useful you know…

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