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Minority Report. Further to my comments, Mr.Sippey has delved a bit further into some of the issues, and prompted an interesting discussion about all things in the ‘projected future’. Single-Use Credit Card Numbers. Mentioned in today’s Lockergnome newsletter, these sound very clever and I’m not sure why they aren’t publicised more, probably a lot more…

Am I old?

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Continuing a vague theme which spawned from a comment… I am a contributor to the Topics Blog, and have been for a few months now (five I think). I just spotted some new names and to my horror I’ve just realised I’m one of the oldest people contributing. I’m holding onto the belief that I’m…


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THE TOPICS BLOG – it’s bizarre, seeing that I am a posting member of this wonderful site (gotta keep Lauren and Erin happy), but I have days when I struggle to find inspiration. If you suffer the same ‘block’ now and again, I suggest you visit the Topics Blog, it’s very useful you know…