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Wandering round a local store I spotted them, hanging neatly on the rack. Instant flash back…

~~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~~

… memorising which performance car had the fastest acceleration, which plane carried the most passengers, which warship was the longest and a whole myriad of since forgotten trivialities which were almost a matter of life and death for me as a young boy.

~~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~~

I glanced over the display and the Star Wars edition caught my eye. It was too good to be true, my inner geek reacted and pushed all reason aside. In a similar fashion I found myself pushing over the small child standing in my way, grabbed the lovely silver packaging and headed to the till with my pocket money in hand, where I excitedly purchased my first set of Top Trumps cards in twenty years*.

If you played it you’ll remember the time stretching abilities of Top Trumps. The games could go on for days, the tension building as your stack was whittled down to the last few only for a dramatic comeback on the last card to switch the game in your direction. Such a simple game yet so addictive. Like Tetris. Maybe.

As soon as we were home I demanded a game and, after I threw a tantrum, Louise agreed. An hour later I emerged as the victor after an epic struggle where, as in yonder days of olde, I was down to my last card before fighting back and royally kicking her ass!! YEHAA!!!


Top Trumps, gone for so long, welcome back into my life. I think it’ll be the Simpsons edition next.

Today’s post was inspired by the one that isn’t scary nor a duck.

* Parts of this sentence may not have happened as depicted. Some call it distorting the truth, some call it lying, some even call it artistic license. I say the kid deserved it for getting in my road.


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