Is it bad that, whilst I do commiserate with my mate and feel sorry for him, I’m still quietly gloating that the hard drive on his shiny widescreen iBook has gone phut?

Anyway, if you do have an iBook, then watch out for some very obvious screen glitches/artefacts. Having seen it on Saturday I agreed with my mate that the video card was shafted, but seems that it was the hard drive. Luckily he’s got stuff backed up, but he’ll be flying to Australia tomorrow without his laptop. Should be fixed by the time he gets back though.

This nicely segues into a little application I discovered the other day called Top Desk. It replicates the functionality offered by Expose on the Mac, and I’m already smitten. Funny how some things just seem to fit with the way you work/operate your PC. Basically, and you can change the settings, all I do is move my mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen – a nice big area to hit as the mouse can’t miss it – and all the currently open windows “fall back” into a grid like display and I can click on the one I want to work on. Handy when you have four Word documents open as you can see what is open in each window. The screenshot on the page linked above explains it better.

Just had to go back and correct some spelling there, so just to confirm that’s Top Desk not Top Deck. Ohh I’m thirsty now.


This just in – I’ve just broken through the 7000 comment mark (7017 at present count). Blimey.