Conference Connections

I'm still tweaking my presentation for the Technical Communications UK conference, Thursday morning is looming larger and larger in my view so I'm distracting myself with considering the other good things that happen at conferences. For me people are the primary reason for attending a conference. Don't get me wrong, the value can be measured

This is not a video

As I mentioned previously, the opening presentation at TICAD was by Adobe and featured their vision of the future of Technical Communications and information development. Apparently that future includes video. Video has been available to many for a few years now, yet it is never really the main focus of a documentation team. Tom has

Thoughts from TICAD 2007

Pre-Conference Dinner The first day of a conference is always a little awkward, introducing yourself to complete strangers is always fraught with danger. So a 'mingle' activity is a nice idea, particularly as the TICAD conference makes some play of the networking opportunities, and the an informal dinner beforehand certainly made the following day a

I am a star!

OK, I'm not really, I have a tendency to mumble and, being Scottish, I talk faster than most (I put this down to the speed at which Scottish women talk, you have to be fast to get a word in edgeways.. ). My mind wanders off topic quite easily and I tend to try off-the-cuff

Planning ahead

In my hangover fug I've been thinking about stuff wot needs to get done. One of those things is to sort out my WordPress install as the recent upgrade has left it littered with errors. It seems to be working OK but... well.. it's annoying. Other than that, with the bulk of last week concentrated

How many?

A sudden holiday is all well and good but the shift in time, and the fact that we don't return until October, pushes timescales the wrong way. Admittedly said timescales are all of my own making but still, I don't like rushing things. Today is a typical example. I'm working at home as the car