Tag: <span>Things Wot</span>

Weekends roll around and, these days, start in the same manner. Breakfast, coffee and whatever cooking show is on that day, Saturday Kitchen or Something for the Weekend.

Rarely do I awake at noon, hungover and with little thought for much else other than Irn Bru and a bacon roll. Even as I type this, Saturday Kitchen is on and the Two Fat Ladies are baking cakes. How very middle-age of me!

It’s not that I do much in the way of cooking or baking myself. I should, I can, but I don’t. It’s yet another item on the list of Things Wot I Should Do More.

However, tomorrow morning I will be challenging this perception. No, I won’t be doing any cooking, I’ll be hungover as I’m off out for a Stag Day; paintballing this afternoon then vodka bar later on.

If I’m still alive tomorrow that is…