bookmark_borderT in the Park #1

Saturday at the X-Tent

Right, here we go. The X-Tent is the smallest stage, and I’ll probably only be there for the earlier bands. I’ve heard of a few of them, and I’ll list the rest in case there is anyone I MUST go see. No doubt a lot of these will suffer as they are on at the same time as better known bands, but such is life, and I’d rather have too many suggestions than too few:

  • The Bees – read the press hype, but are they REALLY any good?
  • Delays – er… who?
  • Ian McNabb – wasn’t an Icicle Works fan, but has Crazy Horse as backing band. Intriguing.
  • Ben Kweller – another I’ve read reviews of, worth a listen?
  • Kasabian – heard the rumours.
  • Ricky Warwick – NOT the rump shakin’ latin lover, but the former NMA and Almighty member (neither of which I was a fan of)
  • Thea Gilmore – heard of, haven’t heard.
  • Jess Malin – no idea
  • Republic of Loose – ditto
  • The Crimea – ditto
  • The Departure – ditto
  • Drug of the Nation – ditto

On thing I’ve already realised is how out of touch with the ‘real’ music scene I’ve become, I’ve at least heard of all the names performing on the larger stages.

Anyhoo, have at it people!