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The wonder of the internet
What am I?

  • 11th for “Maurice Gibb name pronunciation”
  • 3rd for “”far side” houdini undoing”
  • 3rd for “galactic toss monkeys”
  • 3rd for “taiwan slang testicles”
  • 1st for “”pretentious moi” quotation”

I am google searches that brought you here.

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I remember, as a child, receiving a toy car. I don’t remember the exact make or model, but I do remember that, on the underside, were the words “Made in Taiwan”. Taiwan. It sounds exciting and different, although growing up in Dumbarton ANYTHING sounds exciting and different, but this was other-worldly, and for the first time I felt a sense of adventure. What was this Taiwan place like? What type of people lived there? Where exactly was it? It must be millions of miles I away, I thought, what a journey for a little toy car!

It was a moment that made me realise that there was more to life than my little world, that the world was a big place, with many different places, people, and ‘stuff’.

However that moment has since faded into the memory of childhood, and the reality is one of a diminishing world, where boundaries blur, distances shrink and communities flourish and die.

Blame the Internet? I’m not sure, too many other factors involved. How do children today see the world? Is it an exciting place, with limitless experiences and possibilities, or is Taiwan just where their friend from the Pokemon chat room stays?

The joy of the internet gave us instant communication, but what about the longer, deeper effects? Should we limit the time our children spend on the PC, or watching television? How will they experience this kind of wonderment?

This kinda thing worries me you know…

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