Cry for Pixar

Reading time: 2 mins No doubt this will be covered in further detail elsewhere (and to my shame I can’t remember which blog I spotted it on) but this story, buried in the comments on a thread on Metafilter is amazing. The short version is that, opening viewing one of the first trailers for Wall-E, a girl found herself […]

Small things matter

Reading time: 2 mins I’ve been pretty good about not fawning over my Mac too much, right? I mean this hasn’t turned into a fanboy style homage to Steve Jobs and all things Apple. Well, no more so than usual… I don’t think. This does mean that I’ve had to fit the strong urge to blog about the myriad […]

Fast Forward

Reading time: < 1 min It’s Sept 2006 and Steve Jobs launches the new iPhone after succesfully testing iTunes in a mobile phone (Rokr) and a new “phone size” iPod (Nano) … No? Note: I’m only posting this as I’ve had similar thoughts in the past but have not been able to point back at a post and say “See!! […]

Techie stuff

Reading time: < 1 min Apple serves up rack-mountable server. More interesting to me is the quote “For everything we know, there are 10 things we don’t know” from Steve Jobs. Must try and trace the origin of that one.. any suggestions?