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Saturday on the Main Stage

On to the BIG names then, the ones who score chart hits and have the “true muso’s” frowning at them. So, in reverse order of appearance:

  • Big Brovaz – I was intrigued by their first couple of singles but seem little more than a novelty act at the moment.
  • The Beta Band – Every part of me says I should love this band but I just can’t. I don’t know why, please don’t hate me.
  • Black Eyed Peas – One single later and they ‘went global’. Hopefully they’ll do some stuff from their back catalogue but I doubt it. Could be good live though.
  • Pink – I liked her Missundastood album but haven’t heard her latest. Not sure about her abilities to sing live though, probably one to skip.
  • Faithless – Yes Yes YES. Say what you like about them, they have enough anthemic tracks to carry off a festival performance. Looking forward to seeing them live.
  • Starsailor – First album was good, second album was the same as the first. Probably one to avoid.
  • The Charlatans – last minute arrivals doing a greatest hits set. That’ll be short then. Not a fan, will happily miss them.
  • The Darkness – whilst no replacement for his highness of Bowie, I actually think they might be alright. If you take them as a tongue-in-cheek act then they could be fun. I’ll probably be watching Muse though.

So it looks like the main stage will feature only lightly for me on the Saturday. Faithless being the only MUST SEE band for me.

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