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I almost shrieked like a girly girl. There it was, floating a metre in front of me, within touching distance, if I just stretched out my hand I could probably feel it under my fingertips. I wondered if anyone would notice and, glancing around, I saw the same look of wonderment that I could also feel plastered across my face.

Yup, there was no doubting it. Floating in the space between my seat and the cinema screen, the Nickelodeon logo was slowly revolving and looking very 3D. Ohh sorry, very RealD.

It was quite awesome. I wish I could find some better words but, like, seriously, it was AWESOME!!

All very impressive and that was before the movie started. The movie, Ice Age 3D, was about Mammoths and Dinosaurs, some cute baby dinosaurs, a cute baby Mammoth, had no real plot but a few giggles and on that front probably met all its requirements, although to be honest, it was a largely secondary affair to the technological wonder of the evening.

I can remember when Jaws 3D came out and how underwhelming the experience was, there seemed to be a disconnect between the 3D elements and the movie which broke the suspension of disbelief, never a good thing.

But last night, once I’d gotten past the schoolboy amazement of seeing things float out of the cinema screen, it struck me (not literally, it’s 3D but it’s not THAT good) that it felt natural and connected to the movie I was watching. Ohh of course there were a few gratuitous “lets put some grass at the front to show off the 3D-ness” moments but pretty soon it stopped surprising me that some of the characters seemed to be sitting in the front row of the cinema.

I can also happily report that George Lucas will soon be remastering the entire Star Wars franchise in RealD. Well, if not, he probably should given that one of the chase scenes (featuring flying dinosaur type things) was a straight rip off of the Pod Race which was so FREAKIN AMAZINGLY AWESOME that I almost wet my pants as the winged dinosaurs flew past me, into the screen and beyond at a zillion blurry miles an hour. AWESOME!

So, all in all colour me impressed (which I believe is just a bright purple).

It’s not all roses though. Some of the trailers were in 3D whilst the animated movies looked OK, those feature live actors looked like the reality was being forced, like there was a deliberate effort being made to introduce depth where none was needed.

Safe to say though that I was hugely impressed and the novelty of watching items from the movie float around and leap past me easily got me through the movie. The fear is that it will be just that, a novelty.


Dentist this morning, a hygienist visit only thankfully (no I don’t floss enough, I know, I know) then the car goes into the garage this afternoon to get a bump stop replaced. I think. It may be two bump stops. I’m not sure. It’s under warranty and has something to do with the suspension. After that I know nothing, which is exactly how car manufacturers want it these days and I guess I’m quite happy with the state of things too as I’ve not been bothered enough to go and find out what it is (mainly because, hey, it’s free).

As such I’m working at home today, which means I get to hear Ollie getting stuck in a large brown paper bag, and then ripping his way out. Alas no photos as I was upstairs and he was down. All I heard was the noise and by the time I got there a small slightly sheepish looking cat was glaring at the remnants of the paper bag.

The weekend was good, got loads done on Saturday including by some new shirts for work. I bought several from one store (all of the same brand and size, just different designs) and for some reason only half of them fit. Grrrrrr. Still that should really be my incentive to start losing weight.

Speaking of which I have started doing some basic exercises aimed at improving my flexibility, which shouldn’t be hard as I’m as rigid as a board most of the time, and toning up those muscles I’ve not used since October. My arms and legs are a little sore today but that’s fine.

My stomach is also sore, as are my sides and my face, again remnants of the weekend as Saturday night was spent celebrating the 21st birthday of my nephew and I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed so much and so hard… well since I saw Lee Evans a couple of years ago. Suffice to say that one of Louise’s cousins, Sharon, is hysterical. She tells stories, peppering them with enough references and imagery so you can picture things, in a manner similar to Billy Connolly. It’s observational and personal stuff for the main but, I mean this seriously, she really could go on stage.

Most of Sunday was spent chilling out and doing bugger all. Which given how hectic the past couple of weeks have been was a nice change. I even managed a nice little doze before dinner, before embarking on a fairly ass-kicking session of Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

Right, I need to go and dig out an email address. Does anyone else still have those promo Skype phones from 3? Do they want them back?? It was a month trial late last year and I’ve heard nothing… I’m sure I could shift them on eBay…





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I’ve been very aware of this movie for a while now, and very aware of avoiding reading reviews, articles and spoilers. I figured it was a last chance for George Lucas to put things right. He almost does.

The obvious stuff first then, and I’ll begin with a small suggestion. Should Mr.Lucas decide to make another movie, of any kind, he really MUST employ someone who will disagree with him. The most recent Star Wars movies seem full of little moments where you can almost imagine the conversations:

“I think we should make that into a little comedy moment… ”
“Yes George”

“These lines are ideal, don’t you think?”
“Yes George”

“These ARE the actors you’re looking for…” *waves hand in front of producers face*
“.. these are the actors we’re looking for…”

Speaking of which, and it pains me to say this because I’ve enjoyed some of his other work, Ewan McGregor is awful. Natalie Portman isn’t much better and Hayden Christiansen just isn’t threatening enough for me. Ian McDiarmid steals ever seen he is in, but even he has some awful AWFUL dialogue. It’s almost painful at times, at least the original movies tried to keep these things to a minimum. Unforunately all the action sequences in the world don’t make up for those moments when a badly written, badly delivered line jerks you from the Star Wars universe straight back into the cinema you are sitting in.

The good bits are very good though. Some of the battle scenes are fantastic (in every sense of the word) to the point of feeling a little forced on occasion. The reliance on closeups during some of the lightsaber battles is a huge annoyance, and I think they would have been better served training the actors for longer to make it appear more realistic.

Beyond the obvious and jaw-dropping special effects I’m struggling though. I’m a huge fan of the original three movies, and had hoped that this movie would finally bridge the gap in terms of quality. It almost gets there, almost. There are some funny comic moments (one nearer the end with Yoda is spot on), and it certainly is a darker movie than its predecessors not least due to the settings. Watching Senator Palpatine manipulate Anakin is the key part of the movie and is handled well, Padme’s death less so, and the loose ends are tied up quite nicely with the bonus of not being dragged out (as everyone knows how it’s going to end).

Anyway, it’s one of those movies that you will go and see regardless of what I say, if you are a Star Wars fan there is no way you can not watch this, and you’ll enjoy it on some levels (we are a forgiving bunch it seems), if you aren’t a fan then I think it still stands up well as a Sci-Fi romp.

I can’t wait to see what happens in Episode 4!

Note: I reserve the right to change my mind on this, as I’ll be watching it again next week.


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Apparently the new Star Wars movie (out in 14 days and counting) is a bloodbath.

The movie has been given a PG-13 rating due to its “sci-fi violence and some intense images”, which warns parents that it could be inappropriate for viewers younger than 13.

I say GOOD! Is it possible that Mr. Lucas may be very aware that the last two movies he has released have been a little TOO kiddie friendly?

And I wonder what rating the first movie would get these days. What with the smouldering skeletons of Luke’s Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen and Ponda Baba’s dismembered arm in the Mos Eisley Cantina I can still remember being, well not shocked and repulsed, I was boy after all, but decidely unsure if I should be seeing these images.


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As I’m all “wrote” out, I thought I’d tackle this meme I’ve seen in several places over the last couple of weeks. Lazy blogging of the nth degree but infinitely less time consuming than writing a post although, as ever, I find myself procrastinating about how quick and dirty these things are only to spend more time writing about how quick and dirty they are than actually taking the quick and dirty option of just posting the damn thing with little explanation.

So I’ll shut up and say that the films in bold are ones I’ve not seen. I’m pretty sure on other sites the bold films are the ones the person has already seen but as I’m using this as a basis of compiling a “movies to watch” list for myself, the opposite approach makes more sense. To me that is, I’m surprised you are still reading this waffle to be honest, so, with that in mind I’ll stop and just list the damn movies and be done with it.

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