bookmark_borderRedirecting Question

Note: This is a techie question, all those not interested, look away now.

(and no, I’m not doing very well at the whole ‘staying away from the blog to be productive thing…)

That nice man wot writes Hydragenic came through for me (apparently he would ‘not be defeated’, he cracked it second time round).

I’ve added the following line to my .htaccess file on the domain:
RedirectMatch 301 /index.php/(.*)$1

And now when you click this link (which points at the domain) you’ll be properly redirected back to this domain (

I received an email the other day. It was a nice email, the very kind I’d hoped my 404 page would generate.

The problem is a simple one. I moved domains a while ago, so some of the links that still exist point to my old blog URL (which is still live but is no longer a blog).

Following one of those links (from I think) will take you to this URL. Which is currently displaying a 404 error message.

To get to the correct page, all you need to do is edit the URL, replacing “gordonmclean” with “onemanblogs”. Simple.

So why the hell can’t I figure out how to write the appropriate .htaccess commands to get it to do that automatically.

I don’t want to redirect everything, only anything that has “/index.php…..” in the URL. Shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

Well I’m stuck. So, dearest technical interweb friends, help!!


So I’ve implemented a small stylesheet switcher (over on the left). Well when I say implemented I really mean that I’ve TRIED to implement it but, for some reason, the damn thing won’t work. I can’t even get Firefox to display the alternate stylesheet. Summat dodgy is going on. SORTED!

Anyway, this evenings task – before I start a mockup design for another website, and write up a piece comparing information mapping techniques to current web design trends – is to write down all the books I’ve got, sitting on three different bookshelves, that I’ve still to read. Whilst I’m not promising to buy NO books this year, I certainly don’t want to buy any more until I’ve gotten through some of the dust gathering tomes already lining our walls and that includes the three books I currently have on the go.

How many unread books do you have?

Two days down
So, The Scottish Blogs WebRing has been running for two days and already has 7 members. I’m still learning the admin side of things and today ran a quick check to see if everyone had the code properly implemented on their site (nothing Big Brother, just seeing if it would work).

So to the six member sites that have properly implemented the code, thank you very much! To one member who hasn’t – GET IT SORTED.

Now I’ll just gloss over the fact that the member that has incorrectly implemented the code is… ahem.. me.. and move right along.

I will be emailing more people over the next couple of days to invite them to join, but if you know of anyone running a blog who is either Scottish or residing in Scotland please let them know about the Webring.
If you are one such person, please don’t wait for an invitation, join now and I’ll get you added as soon as I can. (quicker during the week as I’m online most of the time then…)