bookmark_borderFriday Morning

9 am. I’ll be at the ticket office purchasing a ticket to FINALLY see the Foo Fighters live in Glasgow.

If ANYONE gets in my way or generally fucks things up and I fail to get a ticket then I’ll… I’ll.. ohhh I’ll be SOOOO mad…

Friday morning. And counting.

Ohh and support from The Futureheads and Eagles of Death Metal (a Josh “Queens of the Stone Age” Homme project) should make it pretty darn good.

bookmark_borderOld Skool

Wednesday – half way through the week. Spent last night surfing a few sites, actually surfing. Not just visiting the same sites again and again. Been ages since I did that, start at a site, take a link from there, take a link from the next one, and so on and so forth.

Didn’t really take much of it in to be honest as it was a deliberate distraction strategy, but it was good to get back to when I first ‘met’ the web. I still remember my amazement that there was SOOOO much porn about… ahem that is… what I meant to say was, that there were so many different uses, and SOOO much information, I remember thinking that my head would probably explode if I tried to take it all in. Which is probably why I only visit the same few sites everyday. So I’ve decided to try and ‘surf’ properly more. In fact I might even start a campaign.. hmmmm