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A few beers tonight, for medicinal reasons of course, and I should be fast asleep. Unfortunately my brain is still churning away at several thousand miles per hour so I’m tidying out my email, deleting old files, boring stuff that doesn’t require much concentration.

I’ll pause and mention that it’s my other sisters (in-law) birthday today – Happy Birthday Claire! As a gentlemen I won’t say how old she is, let’s just say she’s got a fair bit of “life experience”. We are heading through to Dumbarton tomorrow for a few congratulatory shandies, and then out to lunch tomorrow with my parents.

It’ll be quiet here at Snowgoon Towers for most of the weekend, so have a good one whatever (whoever?) you are, or are not, doing.

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As I mentioned it will be a quiet (ish) week here at Snowgoon Towers. It’s the ‘last week’ of the project, and the usual chaos is descending! Need to be on-the-ball, pushing the envelope… yadda yadda yadda. I even went to bed early last night to make sure I was properly refreshed. Of course I didn’t sleep well at all, and I should know by now that changing my routine is the wrong thing to do but… well it sooned sounded like a good idea at the time (and I was very tired and sleepy). Mind you, I’m glad I didn’t have one of alex’s weird dreams (his latest is a cracker!). Can’t wait to see what state his is in this morning!

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Another day in training. Another quiet day here at Snowgoon Towers.

So, briefly, I’ll just mention the following:

  • Happy Birthday to Julie, 21 for the tenth time is it? (eleventh?)
  • A quick reminder to people wearing rucksacks on the train – IT STICKS OUT BEHIND YOU! When you turn round you need to account for it too not just your shoulder space. Idiot.
  • Mr.Bridgett, your CD will be in the post today. Presuming I can blag a stamp from someone.
  • Imagine my surprise when the first thing I heard on the radio this morning, as it yanked me from my slumber, was that Janet Jackson has admitted the ‘exposed breast’ thing was a setup. AND would you believe she has a single out this week as well, what are the chances…
  • I’m thinking of changing the site name. Confusion reigns as it’s listed as Gordon Snowgoon, Something, Snowgoon, Something Snowgoon or Snowgoon Something etc etc… in a variety of places. Now, I’m old-skool so the URL has nowt to do with the site name but maybe I should change it to make that clearer? Thoughts please (although I’m finding Snowgoon Towers quite catchy… hmmmm)
  • Tag lines. I thought of a new one last week but have forgotten it. Suggestions please (although I do quite like the current ‘Reality is frequently inaccurate’).

That’s it.

For the moment.

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Turn off, log out, shut down: Steve Cisler goes offline.

“Some people can’t understand it; others envy me because they’re so tired of e-mail and spam and Nigerian 419 letters.”

It’s an oft pondered thought here at Snowgoon Towers and views are frequently proferred by her ladyship on this topic, as always they are insightful, thought provoking and very evocative:

“If you don’t get off that damn computer I’m gonna take it outside and beat it with the bloodied stump of your arm!!”

OK, that’s not true, but we* all know that’s what she** means when she says:

“Ohh you on the computer again?”

* Married men with blogs ***
** she who must be obeyed
*** I’m generalising here, obviously we are not ALL that bad…

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