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In what is fast becoming a monthly tradition (well every tradition has to start somewhere) I took myself to FOPP at lunchtime. I managed to stay within my self-allotted 30 minutes/£30 limit as well. The following purchases were made:

  • Busta Rhymes – Turn it up! The very best of.
  • The Legendary songs of Cole Porter – Various Artists (Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and the like).
  • R.E.M. – Dead Letter Office.
  • Sheryl Crow – C’mon C’mon.
  • Retrospective: Best of Suzanne Vega.

Hmm quite a musical day really.

Tonight it’s off to the pub to meet up with my mates. Not seen them since December so plenty of catching up to do, and no doubt plenty of Guinness as well. Probably just as well that Louise is staying at her sister’s tonight as the ‘morning after’ a night on the Guinness is… well, let’s just say ‘fragrant’.

So if anyone is out and about in Merchant City (Glasgow) tonight, let me know – we are starting in BlackFriars at 5ish.

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No, not Dante’s.

There are only a few bands of which I own all their material (album wise). Queen, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, are the only ones I can remember off to the top of my head.. (possibly Alanis Morrisette and Mary J.Blige). I’m one short for the Divine Comedy (currently listening to a borrowed copy of their last album).

One thing these bands all share is consistency. Admittedly Radiohead went a bit askew, but not as far as most people seem to think and they had been leading up to it, so I’m still not sure why it (Kid A) was such a great suprise.

I digress, Neil Hannon (the man behind the band) is a genius. If you haven’t heard of them, or listened to their music (chart hits aside) I strongly suggest you check them out. Beautifully crafted, irreverent, silly, moving and wonderous all at the same time, his musical range covers 3 minute pop songs, achingly painful love songs, grandiose film score-esque pieces, all written with intelligence and thought.

Can you tell that I’m quite enjoy this album?

Read what the man himself has to say about the recent ‘split’ of the band at The Divine Comedy.

Right I’m off to book some tickets to see him at this years Edinburgh Festival (at T on the fringe)


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