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Busy day yesterday but still didn’t really make that big a dent in my to-do list.. sigh… oh well.

Shopping for Father’s Day pressies today. My Dad will probably get a couple of tops, and Louise’s Dad will get a bottle of brandy and some cigars (same as always).

The rest of the day will consist of watching the England game, the Lennox/Tyson fight (in about 45 minutes repeated on the Beeb), and then heading through to Dumbarton to give aforementioned Father’s their presents. Dinner at the in-laws (steak.. yummy).

As for Sunday, well we’re leaving Sunday to it’s own devices, see what it comes up with, we’re fed up deciding what to do for it, and it never comes up with any suggestions at all…

Ohh and as it’s Saturday, that must mean it’s time for…

Saturday Scruples

1. You phone a friend at 2 a.m. but accidentally dial another friend. When his indignant voice answers, do you hang up?
Yes. Even in the fear that he has caller id and will know it was me. I’m basing this on the fact that if our phone rings at 2 a.m. and the other person hangs up, I’ll usually be asleep within the 30 secs of putting the phone down. Anyway, I fall into the “if it was important they’ll phone back” camp.

2. You’re about to buy a newspaper when you notice the vending box is open. Do you pay for the paper?
Yes I would pay. These little things are sent to test us, and it’s always hardest, when there is no-one but yourself about, to be true to your own scruples!

3. A new business opportunity could make you rich. Do you try to involve family members and in-laws?
NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I would take the risk myself and if it paid off, I would make sure I spread my new found wealth around the family (just not too thinly…). Hey, call me a capitalistic pig if you want, well I’d rather you didn’t obviously, but.. ahh sue me for wanting to be rich…

Blogging Life

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Rabbit Rabbit

Saturday Scruples

1. You want to quit a job without notice but you need a good reference from your employer. Do you invent a family health emergency?
Probably not, I would like to think that by being honest with my employer I would be able to arrange some way of not serving my notice, and still be able to get a good reference. I guess it just depends on your employer? It also depends on the ‘leaving’ situation. If I was so pissed off with the place, and I didn’t think they deserved an honest explanation then, yes I might very well tell them my parents were being held hostage.

2. In a parking lot, you accidentally dent someone’s car door, do you leave a note taking responsibility?
Yes. Having had this done to my car, and had no idea WHO did it, I know how annoying it would be to the other party. In fact I would probably hang about until they turned up.

3. You’re a homeowner. A group home for mentally challenged adults is planned for next door. Do you sign a petition to stop it?
No. That one was easy…

Other News
I have a verucca. Probably picked up in the gym shower room, so I’ll be wearing sports sandal thingies from now on.

That’s about it for just now I think…


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Saturday Scruples (late again…)

1. You’re becoming famous as a singer. Your manager advises you to improve your image by campaigning for a worthy cause. Do you do the right thing for the wrong reason?
Well yes and no. If my new found celebrity status allowed me to support a worthy cause with some impact then yes I would. But no I wouldn’t JUST do it to improve my image.

2. A friend asks you to write a letter of reference. He’s poorly qualified for the job. Do you refuse?
Yes I refuse. It would work out worse for everyone concerned as he would ultimately be found out. Not good for his future job prospects and a blot on your own copybook too.

3. You’re a hockey player. Your team plays dirty and starts a bench clearing brawl. The team needs your muscle in the fight. Do you help?
Yes. It’s all about the team. (Easy to say no to this one, but try it in the heat of the moment!)


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Saturday Scruples (yeah yeah a day late…)

1. Outside a liquor store, a needy person offers to watch your bike while you’re inside. He needs to be trusted. Do you take a chance?
No. I would lock it up, and thank them for the sentiment, probably chat with them a little about the state of things, and ensure that they knew I appreciated the offer. I would do the same if I saw them again. A sad indication of our time.

2. You’re at a red light at 2 a.m. There’s no traffic in sight. The light is taking forever. Do you drive through it?
If I can see clearly in every direction, YES.
(If I did get spotted and pulled over it would allow me to go into my “haven’t you got anything better to do Officer” tirade. Not had the chance to dust that one off for a while..)

3. You’re in charge of a stakeout for a rapist. At risk of tipping off the rapist, do you warn women in the neighborhood of the danger?
No, if I’m in charge that sucker is going down!! Extreme prejudice will be deployed and if he so much as LOOKS at a women the wrong way – BAM! Seriously, yes it would be a risk, but if there was a controlled stakeout it is probably manageable, so no I wouldn’t tell anyone. Better that he is caught and put away, than tipped off to disappear and commit crime elsewhere.


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Saturday Scruples
1. a close friend will be interviewed for a job with your employer. he asks you for a list of the questions in advance. do you supply it?
No, absolutely not. Mainly because I would hate for any of my close friends to see what I am like at work!

2. you work for an optical store. jimmy has broken his glasses and his parents are agonizing over the price of replacements. a competitor is selling identical glasses for half-price. do you send jimmy’s parents there?

3. you are a reporter. the family of a murder victim has refused your requests for picture and interview. your editor demands that you keep calling them. do you?
Yes but leave it a day or so.


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