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I’m off out tonight to have a few drinks with an ex-colleague who is about to head to Merika, for life (well for a while at least). He’s sold up, got his paperwork in order and he, his lovely wife and their still new son will fly over to Texas and setup a home and life there.

It’s an intriguing thought, leaving the UK permanently and one I’ve toyed with a few times. Some times I think it would have to be an English speaking country with Australia and the USA being the main candidates, with Canada not far behind, but occasionally I harbour desires of heading somewhere completely alien to me, where I don’t know the language or culture and really jumping in at the deep end.

Birmingham, perhaps?

It would be a big step but in many ways it’s no different from changing jobs or buying a new house. Obviously the scale and implications are different but ultimately it’s a mindset thing. If I was of a mind to do it I would’ve already. So I’m presuming I’m not.

But then wanting and desiring something like that, something that is a ‘big step’ and quite scary when you sit down and think it all through, is one thing. Doing it, is another.

A few of the blogs I read are by people who have done just that (Fuddland, Little Red Boat, Autoblography, and Plasticbag for example) and I really do admire them hugely for it.

Ultimately I guess I’m either a coward or at some point I’ll run out of excuses to NOT do it.

So, if I rock up at your door in San Francisco, New York, Adelaide, Sydney, Toronto, Wellington or anywhere else outside the UK, do be kind. No doubt I’ll be a complete nervous wreck!

Personal Musings

So, who’s got a summer holiday booked? We’ll probably make it out to the in-laws in the south of Spain but I don’t see the budget stretching much further to be honest.

Anyway, for all you lot off to sunnier climes (or colder climes, whatever tickles your fancy) be aware that you can’t just chuck a few photo’s up and say “Weather’s here, wish you were lovely”.

Tha diamond geezer bloke has raised the bar (again). If you haven’t caught his reports from San Francisco then I suggest you grab a coffee and a hot-cross bun and head over there.

It all reminds me of my trip to San Francisco – Pleasanton for the main part but a day in the city was more than enough to plant the bug that is making me itch to return. I think the weather in Pleasanton maybe had something to do with it, but I could be wrong… ahhhh yes, fond memories indeed.

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I have nothing to say about this: The Prior-Art-O-Matic.
“It’s a series of randomly-generated product ideas! It raises questions about the nature of prior art in patenting issues and is occasionally amusing!”

I have a lot to say about this: When is middle age?.
“If I had to pick numbers, then I’d probably choose the range from 25 to 75. Why? Thinking in terms of myself and others I’ve know, I’d say most of us are truly independent of our families and on our own at least by 25 and most of us are dealing with the infirmities of old age by 75. Everything in-between would be middle age.”

What do the following things have in common?
The song Eye Level by Simon Park Orchestra
The song Half-Breed by Cher
The daredevil Evel Knievel
The actress Margot Kidder
The actress Rita Hayworth
The actor Montgomery Clift
The playwright Arthur Miller
An Earthquake in San Francisco in 1989

The answer will be revealed on Thursday (yes that’s a hint, another hint would be if I pointed you to my Wishlist, but I’m not that crass…)

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[Cue drum roll]

“And the prize for, funniest coverage of the recent earthquake in San Francisco goes to…

[dramatic pause, lengthened because I can’t get the envelope open]


[Cue wild applause and hysterical screaming]

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So this is the new design. Also (finally) posted my ‘diary’ of sorts from San Francisco. I’ve got a few other bits and bobs to finish off but given my recent timescales I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Sun is shining (weather is sweet), makes you wanna move your dancin’ feet!

Was musing to a friend that since I returned from San Francisco, I’m questioning why I would want to stay in Scotland. We had things MUCH better when we stayed down south (financially, socially, weatherly) but why limit it to England. America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (uhhh except for all that snow….). As I’ve stated to others I’m going hang here for a couple of months until things pan out, but the trouble is the new job information is so accessible, and even something basic like a salary comparison is easy… depressing but easy. Still it’s not just about the money. Right? …RIGHT???!!

Next redesign started last night, got the square sum of nothing done, but did manage to get a couple of scripts working (hey I’ve only been working on them for about 2 years….)

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Well the cat’s out of the bag now, the company I work for has been acquired. What does this mean? Well it depends which level you look at it from. Business wise it should be good for ‘us’… yadda yadda yadda. Main change for me will be a different boss. Initial reaction to that piece of news wasn’t good, but that’s unfair to my new boss who I don’t know well enough to judge. There are a multitude of other thoughts fizzing round my head, not all positive, but I am growing increasingly apathetic to the situation. 4 weeks ago they told us. 4 weeks and that’s all the information we’ve had. Not good.

One of the main contributing factors (although it is a grey factor = difficult to measure) in most badly handled situations is lack of communication. Most people will take bad news a good deal easier if they are given answers to the questions that pop immediately into their heads, professionals call it change management, otherwise known as common sense or a perception of people’s needs. Anyway, I’m gonna stop before I say something that will get me into trouble.

San Francisco diary should be up soon… bet you can’t wait…

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