Who cares if they read it or not?

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Seriously, do we spend too much time worrying about this? What do we get paid for after all, to write documentation, so that’s what we should concentrate on doing. So what if no-one reads it, as long as I’ve done my job I’ll get paid. And no, I don’t care if they don’t understand how…

Thanks for complaining

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Ever get the feeling that no-one reads your documentation? It’s a frequent issue amongst Technical Writers and the general stance reflects the approach many take to make sure that, when someone finally picks up the documentation, they can get to the information they need as quickly as possible. Given that, there is little worse than…

How to make a cup of tea

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Further to my Too Simple post, and in response to the comment from Annie about the state of software manuals, I thought I’d try and give a bit of insight into the basic workings of my profession. Yes, that’s right I DO have a day job. I am a technical author and I write software…


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I’m published baby, yea! Finally got around to writing an article for Speakeasy, and whaddya know, that nice bloke Carey published it (and only a couple of grammatical errors to correct too, which were only in there to see if he was paying attention…). Titled “R.T.F.M. – The plight of the Technical Communicator” it is…


Free Book

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OK I’ve only skimmed a few pages of this, but it looks good so far. What is it? “A few months ago a group of writers with Web sites decided to get together and make a book. The idea was for each writer to compose a story on the theme ‘How-to,’ to result in a…