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Some bits and bobs from my life in the past week.

Got my cholesterol checked after my Dad’s heart attack, expecting it to be high (was 7.summat a couple of years), and was quite surprised to hear that it’s now 4.9 (and yes, I got them to double check they had the right set of records). Not sure how I managed that but decide it’s a blessing and had a large plate of butter-fried eggs to celebrate…


My sister-in-law now owns her house! After a lot of hassle, stemming from old debts run up by her ex-husband, and a lot of wonderful work by her bank (yes, that’s right, they were fantastic!) she now is the proudest owner of a mortgage I’ve ever seen. So happy for her I’m lost for words. Almost…


Glorious meal last night for our anniversary (thanks to all the well wishers). Went to a reliable favourite – The Grapevine – and it was as gorgeous as ever. Got home, opened a bottle of wine (one we’d been keeping for a “special occasion”), watched a movie (School of Rock – who says romance is dead!!), then retired to the bedroom…

*cut to bedroom door closing*


I’ve not written up many reviews recently as I’m a bit swamped to be honest, I’m currently consuming: Tara Blaise, Richard Thompson, Goldfrapp, Miss Kittin, and Garrison Keillor.

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Silly Stuff
Gathered from various emails, yes you HAVE probably seen them already:

And finally this is a poem made up entirely of actual quotes from George W. Bush. The quotes have been arranged only for aesthetic purposes, by Washington Post writer Richard Thompson.


    I think we all agree, the past is over.
    This is still a dangerous world.
    It’s a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mental losses.
    Rarely is the question asked
    Is our children learning?
    Will the highways of the internet become more few?
    How many hands have I shaked?
    They misunderestimate me.
    I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.
    I know that the human being and the fish can coexist.
    Families is where our nation finds hope, where our wings take dream.
    Put food on your family!
    Knock down the tollbooth!
    Vulcanize Society!
    Make the pie higher! Make the pie higher!

More random nonsense is available in many places, at present, I’m trying to figure out what this lot are on… barking mad the lot of ’em!!

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