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My new PC has arrived!

I spent a fair chunk of time last night un-installing the supplied software, and installing my preferred choices and all in all it’s pretty darn sleek, fast and quiet. Still a few things to tweak and tinker with but, by and large, it’s all setup how I like it.

I’m still using Windows, XP not Vista, and I’m still with DELL as the past 5 and half years have been largely hassle free. Of course I’ve future proofed things as much as I could (plus they had a double RAM offer, although that now seems a little ludicrous..).

For the geeks then:

  • Intel Viiv Core 2 Duo Processor (2.4GHz, 1066MHz, 4MB)
  • Dual Channel DDR2 677MHz (4×1024) – they wouldn’t give me two 2GB modules.. buggers.
  • 500 GB (2x250GB) Serial ATA (7200 Rpm)
  • 256MB Nvidia GeForce 7900GS
  • Dell 20″ UltraSharp Wide Aspect Digital/Analogue Flat Panel
  • Audio Integrated HDA 7.1 Dolby Digital capability
  • 16x DVD rewriter (and I’ll slap my other one into it later on)

It’s Vista capable but given the widespread issues that seem to be multiplying daily, I’m holding off until later before, maybe, upgrading. It’s also the first PC I’ve owned that didn’t have a floppy drive.

Now all I need to do is get my cable modem to keep a connection for more than 5 minutes and I’m sorted… vaguely recollect that I need to supply the MAC address of the new PC to my ISP…??

So, as soon as I get my connection sorted I’ll be able to get on with the two site designs I need to get finished this month, and kick off some Scottish Blogs activities. And, of course, I’ll finally be able to catch up with all my favourite blogs.

Tech Work

This WAS going to be quite a lengthy post. I was going to list my requirements, the things I can do now and the things I know are better on a Mac. I was going to compare my Mac experiences in the past (from the Classic II to the Powerbook of a friend) to my Windows experiences of now.

I was even going to explore the whole “fan” side of things, and maybe discuss how, sometimes, zealots are NOT a good selling tool.

But, ultimately, the main reason I won’t be buying a Mac, at this point, is simple. It’s not a complicated reason, and you can argue against it all you want.

They are too expensive.

Now, let me just quantify that a little.

I’m not talking purely about the initial layout, although that is the major factor — for the same money I can get ‘more’ PC — but the cost of switching, of learning new things, new applications, new hardware. I know my way around a PC and around Windows which, on my home PC, is highly configured and rarely gives me any problems.

I KNOW Macs are quick to pick up, I KNOW OSX is an excellent operating system, and I know, long term, I’ll learn everything I need to learn.

But right now I just can’t be bothered, I don’t have the time, nor money and much less the inclination.

So unless someone wants to chip in a few hundred quid so I can get a top of the TOP of the line, maxxed out iMac, then I’m sticking with PC land. For now.

Ohh and if you are wondering, I WAS looking at the £999 iMac, for the same money I can get a PC with a bigger hard drive, double the RAM, double the video RAM, faster processor and it’s much easier to upgrade.


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Only a couple of weeks after mentioning my dual monitor setup at work and what happens? They buy us all 19″ LCD screens, no more old flickering CRTs.. woo hoo…

AND I get a RAM upgrade for my laptop (2GB now).

AND tonight is the Champions League final.

In other news, it looks like Louise is off to Spain for a week. Her flight leaves at stupid o’clock in the morning middle of the night, and she’ll be joined by her sister and our youngest nephew. Which means that I get to fend for myself for the week. Needless to say the immediate thoughts of “yeah… party!!” are replaced by “but who will iron my clothes and cook my dinner?!”.

I bet you think I’m kidding…

Her Dad is really chuffed, and I know it will mean a lot to Louise to see him again as we didn’t really think we’d be able to get out there until later in the year. And hey, it also means cheap booze for me! A litre bottle of Southern Comfort for starters…


Ohh and a question for you all. Professionally I know a few people in my industry but would never claim to have a network of contacts. It’s not ever been something that’s bothered me overly as, in my profession at least, it doesn’t make a huge difference. In fact, if I’m honest, the entire “networking” thang has me a bit perplexed. Other than collecting contact details for large numbers of people you probably won’t contact until you need something from them (which seems a little… rude?) is there more to it?

Do you “network”? If so, any tips?

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Today is a Glasgow Fair Monday. So to avoid the sunday service on the trains, and all the other hassles that are associated on working on a ‘bank holiday’, I’m working at home.

This has advantages, the main one is being able to listen to music on speakers instead of through headphones. If I had had my headphones on I wouldn’t have heard the early crack of the thunderstorm that has just passed overhead, although I most certainly would have heard the following rumbles. So loud it made me jump!

Right off to buy some more RAM for my PC, I mean 512MB just isn’t enough, is it?

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Christmas time…
… Mistletoe and RAM… ahem…

Ordered my Xmas pressie, 2.5 P4, 512MB RAM, 60GB, 17″ Flatscreen… yummy, and on the back of a new suite we are now officially broke!

Roughly what will be in my stocking.

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