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We didn’t watch the Watchmen at the weekend, we talked about it but couldn’t be arsed. And I think I’m quite glad. I’m not sure though.

The internets are rife with reviews of this movie. Most of the ones that fall into my view are written by fans of the graphical novel and are quite strident in their opinions.

“Fans” is, of course, short for “fanatics” which should give a better idea of where most of these reviews seem aimed. Many point out the omissions, the inconsistencies and generally the fact that the movie misses the nuances the graphical novel handles so well.

To which I say, “Well DUH”.

No offence but it’s a bit like saying that the way I play Purple Haze isn’t anything like the Jimi Hendrix version. No-one seems to have the same issues with song cover versions, but book to move adaptations (book cover versions, if you will) seem to rile so many people in so many ways.

I do want to see the movie but I might wait until I can watch it at home. I’d hate to upset any fans on the way out of the cinema by stating that I thought it was “quite good”.

That and the big blue cock might be a little off-putting on a large cinema screen…