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What IS the point of an alarm that keeps going for… checks clock17 keffing minutes!!

If no-one has turned it off by now, then either the burglars have buggered off, or they’re still in there knowing fine well that no-one is investigating the alarm.

OK, if I’m honest I’m hoping that writing and posting this will cause one of those coincidences where, the second I hit the PUBLISH button, the alarm ceases.

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… I feel like just stopping.

Ohh the temptation to leave that first sentence, sitting there alone, and hit that PUBLISH button is almost enough for me.

But what then? A cry for help? A blogger in trouble? Apathy? Stress? Breakdown? Why? Why? Why? Or is it validation that is required. Please love me, please want me, please need me.

Or is it neither. Is it just a pause. Prompted by many things, result of none.

Or will it, like my cold, pass?

And why so many questions, why can’t the answers be found, dredged up from the memory. Maybe I should follow the lead of others and blog about other people instead of myself. But who?

The one who fell and bumped her head? The one currently having to stop over at Cambodia on his way back from Australia? Family? Co-workers?! (Definitely NOT starting that last one!).

Static. Staid. Still. Momentum sought.

UPDATE: I think some of you might be right. So I’ll forewarn. If I do take a break, I wouldn’t imagine it would be for long. But who knows, right? It’ll be obvious when I have. Don’t worry.

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s e v i t z d o t c o m is his site. You may, or may not, have come across it (no tissue jokes please).

Note that his first name is Adrian. NOT Adrain (a drain).

I’m surprised he doesn’t get upset about it when some people get it wrong.

I know I would.

Next up: “Stop sending me that Channel 4 swearing thing” (or “How I’m always sooo far ahead of the pack and am generally so much better than you”)

EDITED: This is one of those posts I wish I’d thought about a bit more before I hit the PUBLISH button. Thankfully it was taken in the spirit intended. My this blogging lark is fraught!

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