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Warning: this post will NOT induce a cheery happy persona.

So, Bush has made his address and assured people that “as Germany and Japan can attest, we are liberators”. Nice touch there.

Then you read that the U.S. is Planting WMDs in Iraq, and that gets you wondering.

Then you are sent a link, from an increduluous friend, to the Project for the New American Century which contains some cherry-picked articles offering the viewpoint that (and I may be paraphrasing here) President Bush is a demi-god and we are all very lucky he is here.

THEN you wonder why people keep asking you if you are planning to have children. Into THIS world? I think not.

(I was going to add a lot more to this, but it’s very much a list that, once started, would never really end… although that is maybe the point…)

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That was it?
Alas, the weekend is over. Huge plans which all fell through. Well some plans that fell through. Was one of those days today when you look outside at the blizzard and think “Ya know, I don’t think I want to go out anymore…”, so we didn’t. Read books, magazines, watched TV, and generally lounged about.

Obviously the news over the weekend has dominated, but did anyone else notice how insincere President Bush seemed? Awful. And while I remember… why SHOULD God bless America? (I’ll leave the country versus continent argument alone).

Well back to work tomorrow – unless the trains are off… dammit how do you do that snow dance again?

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Bush warns on terror – I remember various pundits commenting on the ‘gung-ho’ style of President Bush, and that how it sometimes seemed he was always itching for a fight. Has he just proven them right?


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