So I thought I’d take a quick skim through the other ‘almost’ winners of THAT competition (which I really don’t wanna say any more about as I fear I’ve already upset Gert – still luv ya sweetie!).

(“sweetie”? WTF?)

I happen across the runner-up: apparently nothing at all, and see there is a Powershot S30 gallery. “Ohh that’s the same as my camera”, I say (in possibly a bit too girlie a manner), “I wonder how what the photo’s are like”.

So I go and visit the aforementioned gallery. Then, after spending 10 mins idly clicking around, I wish I hadn’t.

Same camera. Vastly superior photographer behind the lens. Some wonderful photos in there. Puts me to shame.

So item number one for my New Year’s resolutions is:
1. Become a better photographer (in fact become a photographer is probably more accurate, at the moment I’m no more than a ‘snapper’ even on my better days).

(Strictly speaking this is item number two, but take it as written that I’ll be trying to lose weight again next year).

(By the way, how are these parentheses working for you? Should I just stick to italics?).

(Too much, right?)

I’m a bad amateur photographer at best, but I’m about to purchase a Canon Powershot S30 so beware! I will soon be dazzling you with my photography skills… or not…

And with that, I’m off to bed. Night-night all.