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OK, last word about last night’s game. Portugal had a shot that was cleared off (or behind?) the line last night. Funnily enough I don’t see any mention of it, and we didn’t see it on reply after the game. Just saying…

Headers – no not the physical type. I mean the web type… the bit above here.

I spent sometime yesterday doing a little research as I’m looking to change mine for my ‘coming soon’ redesign, but I can’t figure out which way to go. There is the plain, sans-serif font look. The script/hand written font look, or the big graphical banner, logo and site title look.

I really like the first two, simple and effective, but I do feel the header I currently have could do with sprucing up a little, and everytime I try I end up wanting to add a graphic to it. Still not sure which way to go.

Anyway, it’ll be quiet here this weekend. Not only have I had to postpone any gardening whatsoever over the last three days (thank you Scottish summer!) but we’ve not been through to Dumbarton for ages, and my brother-in-law has finally had his kitchen fitted (only took 8 months, if you are considering buying from MFI make sure they actually HAVE all the pieces of your kitchen in stock before agreeing dates and ripping your old kitchen out!). So I guess a wee trip through is warranted.

Note to self: remember to pick up a stake. Corkscrew willow fell over in the gales.

Hopefully, next time you visit it look a bit different here. Ciao!

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Flippin’ ‘eck! THEY might even win!

UPDATE: EXTRA TIME. Unlucky Sol Campbell though, didn’t see much wrong with that.

UPDATE: It’s all over. Lost on penalties. Again. Oopsy.

Well I said I was supporting Portugal as they were the host nation, but I have to admit that England were unlucky. No way Campbell’s goal should have been disallowed. In saying that, Portugal probably ‘deserved’ the win, but sometimes you get the luck, sometimes you don’t.

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