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I’ve seen it used several times in the past week or so. It DOESN’T make you look or sound cool, smart, or ‘better’ in any way shape or form. To what do I refer?

grok – tr.v.: To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.

Please, PLEASE, stop using it. You know who you are.


I got paid today. Thankfully no charges from the bank and as it turns out my company accounting monkeys DID process the pay run on Thursday, we even had the Director of… er.. summat or other… come round to apologise.


I want a laptop. A small, thin, cheap laptop on which I can write up blog posts and stuff. Needs only be capable of text editing, holding some MP3s, and viewing photos. Ohh and I’m skint so if it’s free so much the better. Anyone??

Maybe I just need a keyboard for my phone? (This MAY be a hint).


My Mum has printed off your best wishes and will be taking them to my Gran this evening in hospital. So thanks again to you all. My Mum has spoken to social services about my Gran’s situation so we’ll see what comes of that (and yes my thoughts on the matter are currently sitting in a draft post).

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Right, which one of you was it? You! At the back! Stop twirling!

Come on, I won’t be mad. I know it’s “what you do” and everything so don’t be shy, just come forward so we can have a little chat about it…

Frances, I know you had fun in the Bahamas but will you PLEASE stop ruffling the papers on my desk. No Ivan, you can’t leave the room again, and no I don’t think Jeanne wants to “party” with you.

Now. Which one of you kept me awake last night? That incessant wind and driving rain was, granted, most impressive, but really, could you confine it to daylight hours so I CAN GET SOME FRICKIN’ SLEEP!!

(Today’s posting may be adversely affected by lack of sleep, OR you might not notice the difference).

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One of the characters in the book I’m reading mentions that he is always “ahead of conversations”. He mentions that by the time someone is partway through a sentence he invariably knows what they are going to say, and the rest of the time he has to maintain an “air of interest”. This act bores him to tears, leaving him mentally unstimulated.

Anyone else sympathise with this? I’m not saying it’s a permanent thing, but all too frequently I find myself having to bite back the words “Yes, I get your point, you don’t need to waffle on for another minute, PLEASE SHUT UP!”.

Moving on.

Feeling slightly more human today. Was in bed and asleep by 10pm last night, slept straight through until 7am. Seems to have cleared my head a bit thankfully. Thanks for your well wishes (and threats of suicide). I’ll catch up with you all later today and this evening. Promise.

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White Soda.

Someone PLEASE tell me this is a joke. Ohhh, feel queasy just thinking about it…

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Too damn funny.

Ohhh and PLEASE fill out my little map thingy, it’s fun to see where you all are (and fun to see how bad my American geography is – ohhh Florida’s on that bit? I thought it was nearer Los Angeles… hmmmm).

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