bookmark_borderPC questions

As in “Personal Computer” not “politically correct”. I really couldn’t give a stuff about the latter.

1. I currently run Windows XP Professional on my home computer. If I purchase a new (replacement) computer, can I use the license from this machine on the new one? Or do I have to pay for the upgrade from XP Home?

2. AMD vs Intel. Is either “better”? Or are they much of a muchness?

3. AMD vs AMD Live… again, will it make that much difference to me?

4. Widescreen monitor or not?

Ohh and I should point out that I’m not buying the thing just yet but beginning to look. It’ll likely be a DELL again as the current one has given me ZERO hassles, it’s just getting old, and noisy.

This post may, or may not, be related to the fact that my birthday is coming up…


Ohh well I wasn’t fishing.. honest.. but, if you insist, of course you can buy me something.