Questions Answered #9

Reading time: 3 mins In a desperate effort to gain some weird form of validation, I stole an idea for a blog post and begged my readers to ask me a question. And they did. The buggers. Now I have to answer them. Lesley asks “Why I will never be cool enough to own a Mac”. To which I […]


Reading time: 2 mins This time tomorrow I’ll be in sunny Edinburgh. Well technically speaking I’ll be in a pub in the basement of a building so the chances of getting any sun are remote. Too late to change the venue now though. I’m quite looking forward to this blogmeet. The first one was exciting for different reasons, not […]

Virus Alert

Reading time: < 1 min MyDoom Virus starts to hit. “Post this on every message board you can find. Get the word out. If you have a friend or family member who does not understand how to operate an anti-virus, please check that they are updated and protected. If you know someone running anti-virus on an e-mail server, please tell […]