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Whilst I was waiting for 24 to start last night, well whilst I was waiting to watch it in ‘chase’ mode, I did a little channel surfing stopping at some red carpet footage from the Oscars. Admittedly it was merely to see if I could catch some of the more beautiful ladies in their best bibs and tuckers (yes yes I KNOW the ladies wouldn’t be wearing the bibs and tuckers, I’m not a complete idiot, not yet anyway. Still practising though.).

Now whilst I think she has a certain attractiveness Maggie Gyllenhaal isn’t high up my list. Neither is thin Oprah (neither is fat Oprah but she wasn’t there), nor Samuel L. Jackson’s wife. In fact bar a fleeting shot of Penelope Cruz, not really my type either, it was a complete waste of ten minutes.

Apart from one thing.

I’m not sure if they are new, or whether the American TV shows I watch just don’t use them, but there are a few phrases I’ve heard over the last few days, and last night in particular that have me perplexed.

1. “My bad”
Whilst I understand the meaning behind this, where does it stem from? Is it a shortened form of a longer sentence, and if so what? Surely “I’m bad” is sufficient? Or is this just a backlash against Michael Jackson (by the way have you seen that ‘item of evidence’ email that’s been going round, yeuch).

2. “… as all get up”
Used generally in a positive sense and tacked onto the end of a statement, this phrase is the one that really perturbs.
What does it mean? As… what gets up? The dog that’s been lying on the floor? Can it only be used when describing an outfit, hence making me presume it’s taken from the phrase “Check that get up” which has completely the opposite, derogatory, meaning.

I’m sure there are others but I’ll need another coffee before I can think of them.

I may not understand why Americans prefer z to s (ize to ise), nor why they find the letter u so offensive as to drop it altogether from words, but that’s just* spelling. This is like some weird lazy language and I demand an explanation.

* pedants please. I know it’s not JUST spelling, I know that there are deeper matters of great importance inherent in the way you choose to spell. (Update, I KNEW the pedants would find fault somewhere!)

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