A while back I mentioned that I'd been ask to give a presentation on "Blogging and Communities". Well I've finally finished writing the damned thing and wondered if anyone would be interested in giving me some feedback. Obviously I'll be talking over and through these slides, and I'm confident enough on the topic that I

At a blogmeet

If you are in the Glasgow area - hell if you are in Scotland and can make it to the Glasgow area - anytime this afternoon, then head to the Merchant City area and seek out Babbity Bowsters, it's the furthest right pub (just below the middle) on this map (PDF download). It's only a

Yen Rotunda

Off to dinner at Yen Rotunda, a yen oriental & teppanyaki restaurant, where 20 or so of us will be dining in the teppanyaki section. It's my first time in that restaurant and my first time experiencing teppanyaki and I'm quite looking forward to it. The fact that the company is stumping up the lion

PDF files(Titled stolen shamelessly)A valid point, well made over at insubstantial. I couldn't believe it when I hear that Dick and J are trying to get that Tatu video banned. It's been on MTV for at LEAST two months now, possibly three, so they are a bit late... reactionary control never works (obviously).