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Pen in hand I pause, tongue creeping out over my bottom lip in concentration (a McLean trait), and try to remember what the hell it was that I was about to write down.

I’ve been doing that for the past week or so, transcribing lists from notepad to notepad, striking out completed items with slightly too much fervour, and replacing each one with another two things that need done, phone calls that returned and so on and so forth.

I spent 34 minutes on the phone to New Zealand the other day, an incoming call thankfully as I was at home. And then spent a further 10 minutes talking to two different people from the same place, convincing both of them that the matter was in hand and could they PLEASE stop calling ME and talk to EACH OTHER.

AHHH!!! I need to get the number for the company that replaced our fence last year.. that was it.

Some other items I forgot to note the other day, include my sister’s skydive on Saturday (for charidee), which I won’t be able to attend as I really need to get a haircut, take four boxes of crap to the dump, and another two to the charity shop, before I head into Glasgow to pick up some new shirts for work.

And it’s also dawning on me that I need to start considering what to pack to go to Spain (not clothes, BOOKS!) and there is the small matter of a trip to Hungary in May. It’ll be a relief to sit still for a while on Monday morning whilst visiting the dentist.

Anyway, this is all leading up to my main point. I think everyone is, or should be, aware that I’m a bit of a gadget freak, and whilst I have been trying to simplify things for a while, there is one thing that I don’t think I’ll ever manage to convert from the current lo-tech method.


Without pad and pen I am utterly, utterly lost. The past fortnight has been manic and it’s telling that, whenever I’m under pressure I go back to basics and start scribbling. The immediacy of writing and maintaining a list by hand isn’t something you can replace on a computer or PDA.

I know this is all obvious stuff but suffice to say that I’ve now made my peace with it… although that isn’t without it’s problems.

After all, pad and pen are still ‘gadgets’, right?

Life Work



My phone includes a GPRS connection and a web browser (IE unfortunately). I have a few bookmarked sites that are optimised for PDA viewing, but was wondering if you (yes YOU dear reader) knew of any others?

Here are the ones I currently have:

Ideally I’m looking for a multi-inbox POP3 email webapp that I can access on my phone, and anything else that would be useful, I’m harrassing UGC (or CineWorld as they are now) to provide PDA compatible listings info for our cinema as well.

Ohh and I’m not looking for sites designed for WAP access, most of the sites listed above are typically meant for PDAs to view meaning the render OK in a web browser.

Anyone got any others?


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Sunday on the Main Stage

Final day of the festival, and here’s the artists appearing on the main stage (reverse order of appearance):

  • Goldie Lookin Chain – never heard of them, so are they worth a gander?
  • Scissor Sisters – No questions here. I WILL be catching them (Mike would never forgive me!)
  • Franz Ferdinand – Probably one of the big draws of the day, why are they on so early?
  • The Thrills – nice album but not sure how it will transfer live, not too fussed if I miss them.
  • PJ Harvey – OOPS not bought her new album yet! First lady of rock, live? You bet! (Anyone for a repeat of THAT Glasto pic?)
  • Kings of Leon – one of my albums of last year, not sure how they will be live.
  • Pixies – Errr… I know I should but .. well I’m not actually that bothered.
  • The Strokes – Headlining. Really? Two good albums, a good sound but again I’ll probably be at the NME stage for Massive Attack.

So Sunday on the main stage consists of Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, PJ Harvey and maybe the Kings of Leon. As I already feared, Sunday is the day where I WILL have to miss an act I’d like to see.. there’s just too many!

Of course WHO I catch depends on the running order, as I’m pretty sure that the Main Stage and NME Stage try and stagger starting times. This may mean catching half of an act here and there but it’s better than nothing. Later on I’ll post the bands I’ll definitely be trying to catch. Who knows, I might even blog from the event itself!

(Anyone know of a PDA version of Blogger? There used to be one but it’s gone now…)

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