Tag: <span>Paycheck Three</span>


Three movies in three days and the last one we saved for a John Woo thriller. Affleck plays a semi-typical Hitchcockian everyman, who sells his skills and his memory. He is offered a lucrative job, and things go down hill from there. Affleck handles the role well although retains a little too much arrogance to really carry it off, you never “get” the scene that he is a man who’s actions are outside his control (it turns out that this is rightly so).

It’s a clever enough story, a few tricks and sleight of hand by the script writers keep it ticking along but it is the influence of John Woo that tells. Slickly edited and shot, this is high octane stuff during the action sequences and well paced during the slower scenes. It’s not hugely clever and is, at worst, a popcorn movie, but I’ll take my popcorn with a coating of Woo any day.


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