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Something for the weekend then, and in no small part was this influenced by a Friday afternoon discussion in the office, honest.

Starting with the more obvious fruit related film titles (Clockwork Orange, Herbie goes Bananas, and so on), we progressed onto more “pun-ific” suggestions, the best of which was:

   Last mango in Paris

Can you better it?

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I’ve never really had a nickname. My name doesn’t really lend itself to one, and I guess nor does my character. So why Tango?

Well, believe it or not, I’m actually a trained ballroom dancer. I took years of lessons and specialised in latin dancing, specifically the tango. There’s something about the passion, almost lust, of a good tango that just gripped me, and I’ve spent many hours honing my skills in that particular area. Unfortunately the last time I sprained my ankle (which didn’t actually happen whilst playing football) I damaged the ligaments so badly that I probably won’t be able to dance the tango again. Still it was a good holiday that one, I’ve never seen the city so vibrant and alive as that night we danced our last tango, in Paris.


Remember “You’ve been Tango’d!” and that fat orange bloke that did the ear drum rupturing slap? That was me. My fifteen minutes of fame. I was gutted when they pulled the advert though, all those kids copying me, bleeding earholes the length and breadth of the country, my finest hour! Still, I guess I should be proud as it’s one of those ‘cultural moments’ which everyone seems to remember.


As a child I spent hours and hours doodling cars. As I grew and my artistic skills developed I started designing them, drawing multi-angle sketches, and came up with some pretty good ideas (little know fact: I helped co-develop airbags after my initial sketch was found at a friends house by his Dad who worked, at the time, for Rolls Royce). As I got older I started considering the impact cars have, and how they could be improved, what was the ultimate car design? Could a blend between efficiency, performance and style be achieved? I came up with the idea of narrow, electrically powered, car with space for two people one in front of the other. I called it the “Tango” (it takes two to..) and sold the idea to the newly founded Commuter Cars Corporation.


I saved the ringpulls from 5 cans of orange Tango, sent them away and received Tango man in the post. He sits on my desk at work and the first time we played Halflife I was looking for a nickname in the game, spotted him and.. well it just kinda stuck.

Do/did you have a nickname? You did? Do tell.

Personal Musings

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A little back story first. My parents are away on holiday over the weekend my birthday falls on. So I got my card and presents today. Which was very nice. First up I got a voucher for a massage (took me by surprise that one) which I’ll save for after a stressful week at work.

The second part of my birthday was a bit more practical, and proves that if you moan about something enough…

Yup, they bought me a new lawnmower. No more flymo for me! In fact I’m kinda hoping it stays dry tomorrow so I can finish cutting the grass – what a turn around!

They didn’t actually have it when we were through in Dumbarton today, but told me I would be getting one, although it might need to be ordered (apparently no-one buys lawnmowers in October.. odd that…). So that was fine, I was expecting it during the coming week at some point.

But no, my parents are nothing if not slightly mental, and decided to try a different store and then drive over here to deliver it (about an hour drive). Nuts they are (but in a very very good and very much appreciated way!).

So, YAY for cylinder lawnmowers, and far too generous, if slightly loopy, parents. I do luv ’em.

Mind you, boo for Norway beating us 1-0, but well done Ireland for the result in Paris. Unlucky Wales, just not good enough I’m afraid. Yes, I have to admit that England did look a class apart. Ho hum.

Now, read on for the Best Comment Ever left on a blog. It’s inspired, possibly by medication…

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It seems a certain site has been .. well.. link spamming sites?? I happened to check links to my site on Technorati today and spotted that the miniblog was linked to by a site titled “Paris Hilton Video”. I’m not going to link to it here, suffice to say it’s a blogspot site.

Now, I’m aware of the Paris Hilton video, hell I’ve seen the damn thing (yawn-fest that it is), but I sure as hell didn’t link to it…

So what’s this all about then? Why of course, if Google manipulation.

That’s about it, not much else to say on this other than GRRRRRRR…

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hydragenic is making me jealous but he’s deserves a holiday. Might try and revisit Paris later this year, hmmmmm


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