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Zed wonders if she knows anyone who reads her site (I’m paraphrasing badly I think), and I have to admit I do wonder the same. I do know that some real people (as in I’ve met or conversed with them outside of blogland) read and visit here:

Izb and Alex (who I work with), Rebecca (Alex’s wife), and… er… well that’s it for those who are ‘with-blog’. Add to the list Ann Marie (in NYC), Lynne (who I went to school with), Sally (who I worked with) and my family (Mum, Dad & Jennie (little sis) posted during my Blogathon stint, my sister-in-law Claire has said hello, and I think niece and nephew number one – Chris and Jo – have visited occasionally too).

Aside from them, I don’t really know you lot do I? I mean I’ve chatted with a few of you, swapped music recommendations, photos of dubious nature and so on, but even then it’s a little like reading your blogs, you only get so much of a person’s personality.

I’m not sure where I’m heading with this… I can’t make it down to London for the UK Bloggers Xmas bash, and don’t really have the time (ohh ok the get-up-and-go) to arrange a Scottish meet – especially after the one that Richard organised failed.

Although I think I have a solution for that one: hold two meets, one in Glasgow, one in Edinburgh…

One thing is certain though, despite not having met any of you in the flesh, I have learned a lot about you all, shared laughter and tears, highs and lows, and hope to do so for a fair wee while yet.

Wow, this kind of sneaked up on me… and would probably be better if posted at the end of the year, but why wait until then.

I’ve been blogging now for 3 ½ years and loved every minute of it.

So happy new year!!! … er… and thanks for visiting!… please come back soon…

This post was brought to you buy 5 cups of coffee, 3 diet cokes and a Drifter, more later at 3 a.m. no doubt!!

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First public gay high school to open in NYC.

This story is all over the place at the moment, but when has that ever stopped me throwing in my tuppence worth…

The main question: Is this a good or a bad thing?

Well I think, short-term, for the kids involved it is a good thing. It will allow them to attend school in a fear-free environment.

Long-term this is bad (well not bad, more … wrong) on a few counts. The kids are not experiencing a real world environment. Prejudice will greet them when they leave school, unfortunately that’s just fact. The protective environment the school will offer will leave them unprepared for the harsher realities of real life.

I also fail to see how this school will help tackle the key issue that underlies this whole matter.

What really bothers me the most about this, if I may focus on myself for a moment (hey it’s MY site), is that I should really be supportive of this kind of thing, but more and more frequently I find myself almost, almost, reaching for the ‘positive discrimination argument. That really worries me.

I do hope that this school works, and I realise the driving issue behind it is a good one, and I really should stop over analysing these things. I think I’ve been reading too much Vaughan…

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To The Terrifi-cave!!
Note: This post is stolen from Blogatelle without permission. Sorry, too good to pass up (sorry Stacy).

My brain just won’t wrap around the fact that this is a true story, not satire, not a parody.

Here are the facts:

  • Woman dresses in superhero costume to protect drunk women from themselves and strangers.
  • Woman calls herself Terrifica, claims to be a separate entity from her real self, Sarah.
  • Woman created Terrifica after a bad break-up and move to NYC.
  • Woman has been doing this for seven years.
  • Woman has a suave and debonair unemployed nemesis (who likes to dress in velvet and ply the ladies with liquor) by the name of Fantastico.

(For UK readers – anyone else now got ‘Scorchio!’ in their heads? Bet you do now…)

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