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A question for the Gents in the audience. In a male toilet, which has both cubicles (for Number Twos) and urinals (for Number Ones), why would you put the seat UP?

And, to revisit an old topic: If there are three urinals, which one do you never stand at?

Toilet enquiries aside I’m in a glorious mood which is entirely down to the wonderful weather we have had over the past two days. Yesterday was blanketed, from horizon to horizon, in vibrant shimmering blue and we actually held a short de-brief session outside and I guess there is a possibility that we ran the meeting a little longer than strictly necessary. Today is a little cooler but equally sunny, these truly are the days.

However, and I realise my recent experience with a convertible car may be making me a little sensitive to this issue, there is a new law I would like to introduce. Quite simply, if it’s above 20C, with no visible cloud in the sky, and you are driving a convertible you MUST put the bloody roof down! In fact, rather than penalising the drivers, I think the law should target the car manufacturers. From here forth, every convertible must have a “gorgeous sunny day” detector which automatically puts the roof down. 7 different cars, that I counted, were seen driving along last night with the roof up. It’s a crime I tell you!

Elsewhere I’m slowly finishing off a redesign of my ‘oneman’ brand, scuppered only by my inadequate knowledge of Photoshop. All I want to do is take a white image on a black background and reverse it to be a black image on a white background. Shouldn’t be that hard but, so far, it’s escaped me.

And I really need to get that done because I’ve a potential client to phone (tonight probably) and another one on the way (she’s busy right now but that’ll kick in next week probably).

It’s almost a wonder how I’m going to manage to go out for dinner tomorrow night. Admittedly the facts that it’s a favourite restaurant and my parents are paying may have had some influence on the decision…

And, yeah. I MAY be in Glasgow on Saturday morning, and MAY happen to be in the vicinity of the new Apple store, but it’s really just because we need to get some shopping done and.. umm… wanted to spend some time wandering about Glasgow, with my camera obviously. Yeah….