September 11th

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One year on. Over the days leading up to the first anniversary of this atrocity I’ve been talking to friends and family, trying to make sense of what transpired a year ago today. In a way this is my generation’s JFK assassination. The defining event where we will always remember where we were and what…

Identity Cards

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There has been much said about the current proposals for the introduction of identity cards in the UK. Personally I can see the pluses and the minuses and, in a simple ‘for and against’ argument, the ‘fors’ win. However life, as you are all well aware, is not black and white (and I refuse to…

It's up to you

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thelefrakwebsite. The wonder of the Internet. I have a friend who lived in New York. She used to work for Time magazine, and we shared an enjoyment of the Saw Doctors music. In the 4 or more years I’ve known her she’s been married, been made redundant, found a new job, visited Europe, and is…