nyt for free

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New York Times finally stop charging to access content, and welcome to 2007!

Friends and Codes

Reading time: 2 mins

Blimey, a fairly busy week or so of overly gluttonous introspection in blogland. No surprise I guess but this time round it has been fairly forthright and more vociferous than usual. I’ve linked to a few of the following before, but, pulled together they encapsulate most of what has been said. I think. It all…

Questions Answered #3

Reading time: 3 mins

In a desperate effort to gain some weird form of validation, I stole an idea for a blog post and begged my readers to ask me a question. And they did. The buggers. Now I have to answer them. Question 3: Lyle cheated and asked two questions (sort of). The second, “The Joy of Clients”…