Investments for More Better

Reading time: 4 mins I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for fads, for shiny new things that will help me in my never ending quest for betterment. Is that a word? I hope so, because I can’t think of another word that encompasses the pervading view that we should all be trying harder to do more, be more, and […]

We wish you a thingywotsit…

Reading time: < 1 min Yes, it’s definitely that time of year. The music has started to be played on the radio (where are all the NEW Christmas songs??), the first dusting of slush has plopped itself all over everything, and I’ve got a cupboard bursting with presents ready to be wrapped, not to mention cards to be written and […]

Present tense

Reading time: 2 mins I wish people would stop asking me, I really don’t know and whilst I can always give suggestions I really honestly don’t need anything. Can we just not do the whole present thing? I am, of course, talking about my upcoming birthday. Now I’m fairly well off, I can afford most of what I want […]

Questions Answered #3

Reading time: 3 mins In a desperate effort to gain some weird form of validation, I stole an idea for a blog post and begged my readers to ask me a question. And they did. The buggers. Now I have to answer them. Question 3: Lyle cheated and asked two questions (sort of). The second, “The Joy of Clients” […]


Reading time: 2 mins What is it about this time of year that causes so much stress? Is it the incessant commercialism? The shops crowded with ignorant and stupid people, all bustling around with nary a mind for anyone else, laden with bags full of lead that careen off my kneecaps at regular intervals. Or maybe it’s more to […]


Reading time: 2 mins What a cracking day, I’m nicely pink after spending all day in the garden (which now actually looks like a garden rather than a collection of plants and weeds), nicely full after a nice dinner out with my parents, and nicely prepared to go away on holiday at the end of the week… Actually, scrap […]