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Music is a huge part of my life yet I don’t really write that much about it here. Odd that.


I now have three Mozilla applications installed, Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird (calendar application). I know have three separate folders in my Start menu, one for each. Why not one top level folder “Mozilla” and then sub-folder per application?


I have around £8 in my iTunes Music Store account. Which tracks should I buy?

UPDATE: New NIN track isn’t out yet! Kenny Burell – “Summertime” in the shopping cart so far.
A quick guide to my musical tastes (why didn’t I post that last night?)


Gardeners: We have a plant in our garden which I really like, it grows leafs like long very thick grass to about two feet high and then produces orange flowers spread up a central stalk. I’ve been under the, obviously wrong, impression that it’s called “lumbrecia” (my spelling based on my pronunciation), but Google says nothing.

Any suggestions? It’s very common, I’ve seen it loads of places but have obviously been calling it the wrong thing. Numbrecia? Mumbreshia? Neuromancer??

UPDATE: Montbretia, also known as Crocosmia. Thank you, thank you, thank you. P.S. Mum, I meant to ask you about this last night!

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Back from curry, several pints of beer and pondering how to spend £25 in the iTunes store.

In a remarkable show of self-restraint, I’m NOT buying anything at the moment, no, I’m not THAT drunk (hic).

No, I’m going to ask your opinion, but don’t rush. You’ve got all weekend to consider.

You have £25 to spend in the iTunes Music Store. You can buy an entire album or three, or individual tracks.

What would you buy?

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Blogger has eaten this post three times now, so…

Saturday was great. Clay pigeon shooting – don’t see the appeal of guns, quadbiking – noisy, muddy machines, brilliant fun, and indoor paintballing – hurts like a bastard when you get hit on a soft fleshy bit (back of leg).

Saturday night was food, beer and lap dancing. All good. Lap dancing wasn’t half as seedy as I thought it might be, even if it was the lower end club we ended up in.

Sunday was a day of dozing on the couch and channel surfing. Not a bad way to spend your birthday.

Took today off work to have a little me time. And have just picked up a voucher for the iTunes Music Store – cheers Keith!

Normal posting schedule will resume tomorrow.

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Seems I may have been a bit wide of the mark when discussing Sony’s new online music service. As the Guardian’s weblog points out:

“…while it would be nice to write off Sony’s proprietary OpenMGX (MagicGate) DRM system, it’s likely to be supported by Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sharp, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, JVC, and Yamaha, which are all part of the Any Music Inc consortium.”

Of course, until we get the first of these services (presumably the Apple Music Store) here in Europe it’s all a bit empty really, although the article hints that despite there being six ‘players’ left, Sony and Apple will end up competing for the ‘other’ spot across from Microsoft.

More info: Japanese audio companies to launch Sony-compatible net music service.

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